Friday, September 1, 2017

Eti - Q Test 4a-8 Walk and Hold a Cup and Saucer with one Hand University Etiquette Business Dining

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

4a.  Learn how to walk and hold a saucer with a cup with one hand. Lift the cup using your right hand. Pour liquid into your mouth, from your wrist. Practice in a Coffee house  Get French Press. Sugar cubes, or packets, never use more than two.  Milk is optional.  Use a napkin.
5. Handling Cocktail Food. Learn to survive a business party:  how to hold a glass, plate, and napkin in your left hand, functionally.     
6. Mock tail Introductions  Do introductions (correctly, senior then junior or junior  to senior.
7. Notes on Handshaking Shake hands the right way thumb-web to thumb-web, fingers under palms.  Note the Boys and Girls Club logo.
8. Having Getting and Using Business Cards 
Business mock-tail parties are different from social cocktail parties in their blunt honesty about their purpose: to give and to receive cards.   Mingle. Be good company. Get cards you want.  Ask, “Do you have a card?” When someone gives you a business card take time to look at it: as if to give approval; say something nice when you can. When you get a card, have a card to give in kind.  You can say, “I am temporarily out”   followed with “I’m sorry.”  I will email you my contact information. Your note can say, Subj: “RE: Our Introduction” Message: “Nice Meeting you on .... at........” You can attach a copy of your resume or profile. Make the person a telephone contact. 

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