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Men's Personal Grooming Etiquette Moisturizing Skin

Men moisturize your skin, after a shower or a bath. When moisturizing your face take care to do your eye wells, your lips, behind your ears, your neck, and the top of your back. Let it dry in. This is why some people have fewer wrinkles and soft skin.  Moisturizer is wax for the skin. Use a lotion with cocoa butter or Shea butter over one with aloe. You can use a baby lotion (remember). You may use a lotion for your skin, and oil for your feet. When caught short you could use a petroleum jelly over having clean, dry, and exposed skin. A moisturizer is to be applied to your body from the head down; unless you only wax part of  your car. It can reduce body odor when dark skin then  hair is exposed to heat. If you do not do this, when it gets hot, your body will oil itself. (And it will not smell half as good.) Do it and you will have softer skin, fewer wrinkles, and smell better. You might then use a sunless tanning cream that contains an SPF 30 or more sunblock when you are to have an extended stay outside.  Avoid placing it in the wells of your eyes. My mother would say, “Come here baby,  let momma put something on ya.”  And I got moisturized, face, eye wells, and behind the ears. Then she’d say, “Pouch out baby, pouch out.”  And with the same lotion, she moisturized my lips until the texture changed to soft.  Lo, these many years I have smooth skin, soft lips, and few wrinkles, and can beat most young at the squint test. All skin cracks; what saves skin is not the genes it’s the Lotion.  I use Jergen's original scent: with Lanolin and Glycerin. You can man up and use the kind that is unscented.  Still believe, its the genes? Give the lotion back. Note:  when you are going to exercise, wash the lotions from the wells of your eyes. Avoid pushing through it. Change lotion containers every month. Something from the outside (or dirty hands) can contaminate the eye. You can wash the bottle and your skin with distilled vinegar or 91%alcohol. You may see a doctor if irritation persists. (This happened one time in over many years of doing this). In the event of onset of acne, you can still preserve your eye wells, ears, and lips. Ask a professional about another moisturizer that can protect your face. You can try 91% alcohol on shiny or oily skin in the interim.  Not sure if it will stop the shine. Oh yes, the test.  Look into a mirror. Squint one eye; see the wrinkles, at the sides of your eyes, and the skin; the fewer wrinkles the more you win. You only get one (skin).  You would not wash your car, dry it, and set it unprotected in the sun.  Moisturizer takes the place of wax on the face. It may go a long way in keeping you looking like new. This is harder to do after wrinkles set in or after oxidation. Check your wrinkles against those of a young friend.  The old ones do not even tell about the test and do not challenge them. Skin is to be cared for. Apply a water-based moisturizer to your skin to seal and protect your face after it has been exposed to a sharp blade. You may apply an aftershave at this time.  Allow it to dry, and then apply a water-based moisturizer to your face. Use a moisturizer which has no scent, or which contains a scent which is compatible with your aftershave. Do your whole face.  It is your first defense against wrinkles. It can protect and make skin less prone to irritation: Pseudofolliculitis Barbae: an inflammation of hair follicles. Feel your facial skin. Say, “Mmmm."

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Rate Sheet Be at Ease School of Etiquette Living Skills and Etiquette Coaching /Job Preparation Four Pack Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Table Manners & Dining Etiquette  Fork Literacy
Business Etiquette Dinner Master Class 

1 40 Minute Residents Private Class               
$50.00 A la carte
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per month no contract                                   $50.00   
1 40 Minute Students Private Class                 $25.00             
10 40 Minute Lessons                                        $250.00
Follow on subscription                                                  
per month no contract                                   $25.00
1 40 Minute  Residents Group Class                             
per member                                                 $10.00
1 40 Minute Students Group Class                                    
per member                                                          $5.00 
3 15 Minute Consults Residents                       $45.00  
3 15 Minute Consults  Students                        $20.00  

Job Preparation Four Pack 
Superb opportunity to learn (or brush up on)
Table Manners & Dining Etiquette Fork Literacy
Men's Personal Grooming Etiquette  & Men's Etiquette 
Men's Dress Etiquette - Shoes to Shirts Tying Ties 
Jackets to Suits & Black Tie Etiquette    
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Resume Etiquette 
Resume Review and Evaluation                          $50.00
Resume Writing Services                                  $250.00

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COVID 19 Where To Eat Downtown Restaurants Austin & Art To See A Foodie's 3-Day Itinerary by PDF

Friday, Park at the Capitol Visitors Center Parking Garage, free 1st 2 hrs. Stroll around outside the Capitol Grounds.  Next, visit the Old Bakery and Emporium Museum, Gift Shop, Quilt Shop, Visitors Information Center, & Art Gallery, with its third floor views of the Capitol, 10th St. free parking in the back, and 1st Fri Artist Reception. Get maps of the Texas Capitol Visitors Center, the Texas Capitol Grounds, and the Texas Capitol. The 17 sculptures are lit up at night.  Kick start your weekend with an Austin  breakfast at  Word of Mouth Bakery, Walton’s Fancy & Staple Bakery (Sandra Bullock’s place), or at the famous Driskill 1886 Café (huge cinnamon rolls & chocolate cake). “Enjoy the outdoors, and maybe work off breakfast.” Stroll along Congress Avenue, locate the 1 of 2 fee, or the other 3 of 4 free museums; some are not open, yet you want to know where to go when you return. Note City Art (CiArt) Angelina Eberly Bronze Sculpture, “Savior of Austin.”   Spend some time touring Historical 6th St., and reading the Memorial Plaques. Say hello to The “Queen of Austin" Leslie Cochran, 304 E. 6th St., and to Rod Steward at “Maggie” Mae’s Irish pub about which he wrote the song; it’s arguably the oldest bar on 6th St. It is across from The Ritz Theatre, originally segregated like others in Southern states at one time; the side entrance you see to the balcony was reserved for people of color. Once you’ve worked up your appetite again, lunch. Try Anchos in The Omni Hotel, or Perry’s Pork Chop (Wednesday &) Friday special, 10:30–5, $16.00, Chez Nous $34 three courses, you choose, or Papadom. On your way around downtown Austin, don’t miss Austin Art in Public Places (AAPP): Pedestrian Geometrics 3rd St., between Trinity to Nueces, Golden Afternoon, 30 foot sculpture, in the Seaholm Parking garage, and According 16, the Seaholm Zigzag Retaining Wall near Trader Joe’s, (Kempelen’s Owls,) and the outside of the Austin Library:  bus #803 or #3.  Then on to the Willie Nelson Sculpture, City Hall Plaza, (& City Hall, 3 Floor People’s Art Gallery). Spend your afternoon on a Happy Hour walking tour to search for an Instagram-worthy feast & tasting experience: Casino El Camino all day M-Su  ¾ lb, shareable, Hamburgers, Vince Young All night Thu 4-7 F-Sa $10 Wagyu Burgers & Fries, Eddie V’s,  4-7, $1 oysters, @7:30 live Jazz, or anytime Bananas Foster with Amy’s vanilla ice cream, oh my, or Parkside 5-6 Half off designated items food and drinks. Fulfill your dream of Ice Cream at Prohibition Creamery 12-12 F Sa Su; bus # 4 E.  7th St. and San Jacinto Blvd. to and from Camal St., or at Morsels’s, and Omni Hotel Bar for  Hagan Dass Ice Cream or Sherbet, and  Peet’s coffee, 6:30 AM–12 AM. Saturday is for BBQ at Iron Works, Stubbs, Coopers, Lamberts, or Franklins (order three days ahead): bus #2 E. 7th St. & Colorado St. to the Sheraton stop. Walk across I-35 overpass to destination, or do seafood at Café Blue which also offers Amy’s ice cream. “Continue your foodie shopping adventure by browsing the homemade treats, gourmet snacks and more at the SFC Farmers ‘Market Downtown,” 9 AM.– 1 PM, at Republic Square Park. “You can visit the flagship Whole Foods Market on Sixth and Lamar, where all kinds of freshly made sandwiches, buffet items, baked goods and more await,” bus # 4 Congress and 8th St. to destination, or visit their smaller store on E. 5th St. After lunch, take the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, stroll along Lady Bird Lake scenic shoreline. Ponder plans for night to be back at the Congress bridge to see the bats come out around sun set (Mar-Oct). Once the sun goes down, music at the Driskill Bar @ 10, Four Seasons @ 9 and Fairmont @ 9, paired with menus & specialty cocktails. Other choices, if you have space in your stomach, one of Austin's hottest dining venues’ inner at Otoko   9C $__ P$150 fancy Sushi, Perla’s, seafood, iii Fork, steak 5-11, or Bob’s, steak  4:30-12. Sunday is for brunch. Before departing Austin, make your last day count by indulging in decadent breakfast dishes at Four Seasons, Stubb’s Gospel Buffet $28, Lambert’s Buffet, Fancy BBQ $40, Suerte, Brunch, for 4 or more, $30 per person, Manuel’s Brunch, Driskill Hotel, 4-7 Antone’s Blues Brunch, with $13 Po’ Boys. Sunday-only you can take the Salt Lick & Winery Shuttle Tour. This five-hour tour will take you to Salt Lick BBQ, or stay downtown and do Perry’s Pork Chop Sunday special, 4-9 $39, 3 course dinner. Uptown Friday try the Carillon. Stroll outside the famous Harry Ransom Center, Blanton Museum, Bullocks Museum, UT Tower, or take bus # 20 to the Johnson Presidential Library, or drive there, parking is free. Sunday lunch, do the Clay Pit, 11-2:20, and the rest you do not get to see - reasons for coming back to Austin.



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Men's Grooming Etiquette Male Teeth Review

Look at your teeth through a mirror from six inches away. This is a test. Clench your teeth together and smile. What you see is what other people get to see. Maintain your teeth. Teeth are to be clean, natural, and non-ornamented (except for braces). Teeth can be whitened by baked bonding, (baking soda,) bleaching, bonding, laser, or by toothpaste. Avoid over-whitening. The phrase you want someone to say is, "I would not have known it if you had not told me."

You may get braces for crooked and/or for bucked teeth. You could get a retainer to bring your teeth that gap back together. When you want to become known by and for your irregular teeth, let them be. Make this a conscious decision. For the most part, get caps for teeth that are broken, and false teeth to replace teeth that are missing. Avoid placing gold in your mouth that you can see unless you really are an independent contractor. It can be too much night style for day promotions.

At least once a year have your teeth professionally cleaned and get a fluoride treatment. Mouth care is the process that lets you show off your pearly (near) whites. The goal is to have clean teeth that gleam. (Just before taking any picture, you can rub your teeth lightly with petroleum jelly.) Now work your smile.

Men's Grooming Etiquette Male Shaving (Saving Face)

Men when you shave, prepare your skin. A hot moist towel can assist this process. Then apply a lubricant to protect your face. It can be a body lotion, 91% alcohol, a shaving cream, an electric shaving gel, or soap. Keep these items out of your eyes. To shave, use a clean sharp razor. Shave in one direction, the direction your hair grows. A shave is only supposed to make your face smooth in one direction. Pick a point that will be the end of one sideburn, and in even light smooth one inch strokes bring the razor down over the face following the line of the chin bone. Remove the rest of the facial hair, in a like fashion. You can wet your razor, and rinse it often (unless of course, it is electric).  Gently whack the handle against the sink to remove hair build up. Place the blade under the faucet. Turn the water on and off. The neck hair on the left side of the face is to be removed by picking a point on what will be the neck hairline and going up the neck, in smooth even strokes, to the chin hairline. To effect this you can use your thumb and/or index finger to stretch the skin. The neck hair on the right side can be removed in the same manner. It may be removed by picking a point on the chin line and going down the neck in smooth even strokes to what will be the neck hairline. Use the same motions each time you shave. You may shave once with a blade, and then again with an electric razor.  You can shave with lotion, but when new hair comes in; it will pull and pinch the skin. It is time to shave just then.

Rinse your face after shaving. You can now use that moist towel to wipe off your face any residue whiskers or lubricant you use.  Feel your face. Depending on the damage you have done, or the hairs you have left, lubricate it and repeat the process, or you could now moisturize your newly hairless skin. For picture taking, shave up to three times. Allow a five-minute interval between each shave. Practice before picture-taking day. At other times, strive for a shave that is smooth over one which is close.

Rinse and clean out your razor and blade. Return it to the holder, tray, or drawer, intended to receive it. Change your razor blade at least once a week, and/or any time it appears to be no longer sharp. As a rule, the amount of facial hair you are to have is none. Any facial hair you elect to keep is to be kept clean and groomed. Do this as an acknowledgment that you have been ceded a dear concession, at least for the time being. When you need a reason to shave to go with a recommendation, shaving is to be done. It grooms your appearance, improves your image, and gives you greater confidence, keeps skin looking younger, massages the skin, and removes dead cells.

Wash your face and wipe any (mucus) out of the corners of your eyes. Check to see that your eyes look well rested. Have them checked by a professional once every two years.  Advancement is so much better to see with clear vision. Get or give yourself a facial. You can get a European facial. You might get a customized skin analysis and a skin care prescription. Ingrown hair can be rubbed or plucked from under the skin, allowed to dry out for a day and then be shaved off or pulled out.

Men's Grooming Etiquette Men Shower or Take a Bath

In the United States of America, at a minimum, take a shower or a bath at least once each day, in the morning, at midday, or at night. The day a shower is missed entirely, you will meet the most important people in your life. This will make a favorable impression, less than one percent of the time. Outside the USA, take a shower at least once each week, in between sponge yourself, and use a moisturizer. In a private home, lay a large towel on the floor next to the shower atop any carpet or bathmat. At a public shower, you can hang your bath towel on a towel holder. You can lay a hand towel close by the shower. Place a wash rag or an exfoliating washcloth in the tub, or take one with you into the shower. A wash rag is 1/6 of a bath towel. Fold and cut one into thirds, and then cut the thirds in half.  Now you have six wash rags. You can sew a hem around each if you want. Get six bath towels. One is for back up; the other four are for decoration. You may omit from using a hand towel, and the use of a face cloth is optional. Cut or break a soap bar in half. Dunk yourself under water until you are totally wet. Turn the water off. Apply soap onto a wet cloth, or onto your body, and rub it over each part. Take extra care to clean behind your ears, in the outer ear, around your neck, behind wherever any foreskin is or was present, and between your toes. Then rinse and stop. You could repeat the process with a scented or lighter grade of soap: deodorant soap first, body wash second. Dry yourself as much as possible with the wrung wash rag, or dry yourself with a second one. You may just use one corner of a towel to dry off with and pat your body with the rest of the towel.
Dry each foot; place one foot on the tub rim. Dry it. Place it on the dry floor. Take the other foot and repeat the process. Ensure each area mentioned is thoroughly dried. To fully dry yourself, you can use a paper towel. Take a shower or bath every day except when you have a temperature of one hundred and four degrees. At a temperature of one hundred and two degrees, contact your doctor, get approval, and risk it. Get more than "Air" wet, and get more than your body dry. 
Learn to take a bath (even when you are not hurt). You can do this twice and week, just like laundry, say Sunday and Wednesday. A bath is used to scrub your spirits. Getting rid of caked dirt is just extra.  Romans used to take up to eight baths a day. You can take a bath in just water for time alone, and then shower. Run a mixture of hot and cold water together. Step in. Sit down.  Lie down; relax. Let the tub fill up. Allow five to eight minutes of soaking.  When finished with your soak, let the water drain.  Stay down until the tube is empty. You may now stand, and take a shower to, "Man back up.”  Suds up, shower, to rinse off, and dry off with one corner, or with one half of your bath towel. The other half you can use tomorrow. You might light candles, where it is allowed. You may even let them float. You could add bath granules, oils, cologne, Epsom salt, or bath salt to the water. Use a liquid soap to suds up with, or use soap of preference. You can wet and suds up an exfoliating washcloth and use it to take off dead skin, along with a callus remover.   Pat yourself dry with the rest of it.  Note: Additionally, you can wash your face and neck before you go to bed each night. To combat blackheads, I have been told you may wash your skin with Witch Hazel. ® 
After five minutes or so of enjoying your shower or bath go back and clean the tub. You have a wash rag in your hand. You can use your rinsed rag, and the soap you bathed with, to remove any tub ring or basin leavings. The key is using cold water and soap. Both and your rag can leave your bathtub shining.  You could even wipe down the walls of the shower if you wanted. You can use a cut in half sponge and scoring pad and soap for bathroom cleaning. At least weekly this gets replaced or washed with your laundry.  You may use a daily spray cleaner or salted water to control mold. In a public shower, this could be done by someone else, but it is to be done.  When you are in a rush you can wipe the tub dry with a towel or a little toilet tissue. Once you see the dirt, you may want to add some cold water and soap and then do it again.
You can use your rinsed and soaped wash rag to clean the face bowl, the toilet surface, and the toilet seat. You may even use it to wipe over the bathroom floor. For more general cleaning of the bathroom, you can wait until the weekend.
I keep dish detergent and a bottle brush for the cleaning the toilet bowl, and the same in used to clean all four flower vases.
Each wash rag is to be hung across a hanger and placed on a suspension rod, door handle, or knob outside the bathroom until it dries before it is placed in a laundry hamper.  The same goes bath towels and for all wet clothes. The hamper is not the place you need to make bacteria soup or to feed things that would gather to eat it.

Men's Grooming Etiquette Male Hair Care - Mane

Hair is to be clean and look conditioned, cut and cared for. It is to be let down every once in a while if only to wash it.
Take the hair test. Look in the mirror at your hair halo or silhouette. You can take a picture. The prickly hairs you see are what shows in each photograph. Change that. Rub your hand over your hair from the back to the front. If it makes a loud noise, if it threatens to tear at your skin, “You betta” do something about that.

Men Shampooing Hair
Hair is to be shampooed according to the edicts of your culture. A person with very coarse or very dry hair is to shampoo it once a week. In between, rinse it with water alone while taking a bath or a shower. Put new dressing on it. A man with fine or oily hair can shampoo his hair three times a week. Some people may seem to shampoo their hair anytime they get anywhere near water.
To shampoo, your hair, wet your head and hair and massage your scalp with your fingers. Turn off the water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands; add it to your wet hair. Rotate your fingertips in place from the nape of your neck forward. Massage shampoo in over every inch of your scalp with your fingers. Then rinse your head and hair, and stop. You can repeat this process. This action can be necessary: when your hair is very dirty when you have been swimming, or after you have been bicycling behind a bus. You may just do it because you want to see lather as you see it on TV. Change your shampoo one day every three months.
There is a rumor, to remove dandruff, close your eyes, shake salt into your hair, then massage it in, O.K. now go back and rinse or shampoo it out. To remove gum you can use peanut butter. To remove grease, you may try some lemon juice in the final rinse. It may also be used to bring out additional highlights.  Watch out for your eyes.

Men Conditioning Hair
Hair is to be conditioned. It can be deep conditioned. Apply whatever it is, that you must use, to provide natural high lights and body to your hair. The advantage is the more you condition your hair the shinier it gets, and the more natural it stays. The better you take care of your hair the more intelligent some people will think you. Maybe this is not an advantage, just a reality.
A person with coarse hair may use a crème rinse conditioner. A fine-haired person may use a Balsam conditioner. A person with tangle or flyaway hair or hair which has spilt-ends may use an instant conditioner, a bodybuilding conditioner, or a corrective conditioner with humectants such as glycerin to help bind water to the hair.
To condition, your hair, apply the conditioning agent to your hands and add it to your newly rinsed hair. Work it in: twist it in for five to ten minutes, until there is a change in hair texture. Then rinse it out. This works, even with 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. You can condition the hair over your entire body.
Rub your hand over your hair; if you can hear it, it is time for re-conditioning.

Men Drying Hair
Dry your hair. This can be done with a wash rag or towel. This may be done while you are still in the shower.
You could blow dry your hair outside of the shower, before combing it down. Move the dryer over your hair in a sweeping motion, until it is dry.
When you have longer hair, you may move the dryer over your hair until it is just damp. Then pull your damp hair straight to retain straight hair when it dries. You can hold the attachment around a hank of hair, dry it, release it, and continue this process until all of your hair is dried.
You may curl your hair with a brush attachment to have it curl when it dries. Hair can be towel dried, gently, or allowed to air dry naturally.

Men Trimming Hair
Avoid having hair that is sheared.  Hair is to be trimmed with scissors. Go to a barber or hair stylist and let this be done. You can go to a business hair design consultant. When your instructions are disregarded, leave no tip, and change stylist. When your wishes are honored: when you are gifted with great trim, be grateful. Tip and say, "Thank you." Hair is to be scissor cut in a style according to the edicts of your culture, and/or the conditions of your employment. The preferred cut is neat and short, and clear of your ears, cheeks, and collars, the day before you go to have it trimmed; that is to say always. Whatever the length get your hair trimmed at least once every other week. Hair is to be washed before it is trimmed unless it is to receive a chemical process. It is to be washed immediately after. Hair can be buzz cut or shaved off the head. Some of us can pull off either look, but unless you are in the military, have been, or have a great head shape, these practices are to be avoided. This may be done with a razor blade and 91% alcohol placed in the cap of the plastic bottle in which your razor is stored.  Dip the head of the razor in the alcohol and shave your head in one direction in one-inch strokes. 

Men Caring for Hair
Hair may be added in the form of a weave, and/or a transplant. We are not all the same. Avoid adding or taking away hair which will cause you to look suspect, or to look dangerous. Avoid radical haircuts, unless you really are technically well versed enough to be self-employed, or do not mind perpetually earning minimum wage. Brow trimming could be a part of a man's haircut. Each is to be combed straight and then snipped. Brow plucking for a man is entertainment: either he is in it, is it, or will be it.  Avoid over plucking. Then there is the two finger rule – the space to be between the two.  Ear lobe-hair trimming might be a part of a haircut. When you cut your hair, treat yourself to a soothing or an invigorating scalp massage. 
Hair is to be colored by nature. It may be accented with a color gloss or surface highlights. Hair is to be cared for; hairdressing is to be applied to it. When neglected, or unprotected, hair gets hot, it burns, and it smells. Avoid this. Use a dressing that has little or no scent.
For thick dry hair, you can use oil, hair grease, gel, or a lotion. A fine-hair person may use a hair texturizer; take a small amount, add water, apply it with your hands, and comb it through. A person with oily hair could use a water-soluble non-alcoholic dressing. 
Apply a dressing to your hands, and then apply it to your wet hair.  Spread it thoroughly, but sparingly, regardless of how it is scented.  Avoid rinsing this dressing out. (You would only have to reapply it.) Always wet your hair for two minutes and then brush it for at least one hundred strokes, (OK 50 strokes).  Coarse hair will develop a wave pattern, and fine hair will shine. Afterward, you can comb or brush it out, shake it out, or massage hair when it is to sport a natural look.
You might apply hair spray to your hair. Use one that is unscented. Hold the hair spray can or container at least twelve inches away. Press the nozzle only enough to mist your hair. Avoid having hair that never moves. Hair spray is to be brushed out of your hair each night.
Hair is to be kept looking neat. It may be smoothed with your hands, in public. Beyond this, leave it alone. Do other acts of grooming in a bathroom.
Clean your hairbrush routinely. Comb all hairs out of it. Soak it in a warm soap and water solution, in alcohol, or in a hydrogen peroxide solution. Rinse it out. Let it dry with the bristles down, preferably, on some kind of towel. Clean your comb by hand. Remove the loose hairs from it. Soak it. Rinse it. Let it dry. Return each to a holder or drawer for storage.

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Men's Grooming Etiquette baesoe 1-24

If you see typos or errors let me know, the worst it will get you is an updated copy. Thank you for inserting arrows where needed, dotting "i" s, where required, and adding directions and signs to assist sons in climbing mountains, standing on their own, and finding their way home.
Your Forever Rewriter

To Josh and to each student son who wanted to know what could be expected from him publicly, my humble attempt at a map.

Men's Grooming baesoe, That Talk, and Men’s Business Etiquette are living skills and etiquette classes on male development: things (a male needs) to do, things of which to be mindful and things expected from the male half: things to tell a young professional and a upcoming graduating son.
Men’s Grooming includes information on Changes and Checkups, Bathroom Conduct, Male Grooming Habits, Grooming Hair, Shaving & Saving Face, Male Grooming Techniques, Men's Skin Care, Nail care, and Male Grooming Supplies & Products. This class will let you discover how to get hair that gets you noticed, how to pass the squint test and make your face not crack, and how to flash: take a fingernail test and pass.
That Talk is about sex etiquette. You are able to decide when to have it. 
Men’s Business Etiquette is about cool rules to know: traditions governing business and social behavior, consideration, and taste: things expected from male young professionals and university students. Manners are (what Mama likes) things you "know” to do. Etiquette is the set of rules that go with manners. Manners must be married to etiquette for there to be a good fit; what you approve of must be married with the set of rules for the court you are in or for the court at the level to which you wish to ascend. He who has the talent and follows the rules best wins.

“Do not hate the player or the game. Hate (having the talent, and) not knowing the rules.” Get etiquette. Outclass the competition.

Contained herein is information on men’s personal grooming, male care matters. It covers things that garner acceptance and better tell what a male has to offer: things which go with his right to be.
In home training, when a son performed well academically, or athletically, all else was forgiven. However, as he will be leaving home, there are other things (a male needs) to do. Things expected from the male half.
“Sloppy, slovenly attention to body grooming can betray you in one instant and reveal your lack of training.”
“Clean hair, teeth, and nails are the very basic requirements in terms of men's grooming.  Each is easy to achieve and maintain and for each, there is a test.”                 

Men’s Grooming
In men’s body grooming, there are things that you need to do, from cleaning your body to, possibly, cosmetic surgery. Each, though ego-based, can result in improved appearance, self-image, and eligibility. Welcome to the better to look at world and workforce. To start, clean your body. It is used to indicate your respect for hygiene. Moreover, it is used to demonstrate consideration for people with whom you are to come in contact. People have a need and a right to expect to be able to be near you without being overcome by your body odor and/or your laundry. POST the anti-funk rule: “Funk is not fair.” Say it, "Funk is not fair." "You better do something." It is hard work to clean up, and to spray, after you. It is tender cruelty not to tell you and/or not to teach you how to meet the expectations of those who would like to get to know you. If, and when, your hygiene actions are caught short, avoid adding cologne to your circumstance. Immediately seek out some soap. Wet or dry, soap rubbed onto an offending area of skin will provide temporary relief to a compromising situation. Now take a bath or a shower. You can do the same to cloth, and then go do your laundry. You may then add to your body a moisturizer and your signature scent. In relation to your clean body, your general maintenance, and your association with those around you, there are things that you need to do. People will enjoy you much better.

Art in Public Places (AAPP) Downtown Austin & Things to See

AAPP              Big Chiller Blues                    Vertical Expanse of Glass
                        Austin Convention Center/ Parking Garage
Two-sides of an industrial chiller, its cooling towers, and support space shielded by 10,000 square feet of glass tiles in watery shades of blue.
Glass tiles Ann Adams 2005 
                                        601 E. 5th St.
AAPP             Pedestrian Geometries
Elgin-Butler glazed brick, motor, grout
Erin Curtis 2013     
Multiple locations along 3rd St. between
Trinity and Nueces streets.  “Eight city blocks Austin Convention Center to Shoal Creek.”
AAPP             High Water Mark (II)                            Stainless Panels
Cut metal fence with enamel overlays
22 laser cut stainless panels tell the story of extreme floods in downtown Austin
Austin, Texas – 2007
W. 2nd Street District
“One of the friendliest neighborhoods in the US.”
AAPP              Urban Canyon                                                      Paving
 Sun McColgin 2011                      
W. 2nd St. Colorado St. (Lavaca St).
AAPP            Golden Afternoon                                          Interactive Light Based Artwork Seaholm Parking garage underground stairwell (hanging garden.) Thirty-six stainless steel flowers attached along the three-story wall. Stainless steel, fiber optic cables, LED lighting, and motion sensors.
Urban Matters Inc (Shagun Singh, Rick Lin) 2016
                        211 Waller Seaholm Dr.
AAPP             Accordion 16                            Seaholm Retaining Wall
and Parking Garage underground stairwell.
 Seaholm Development 300-foot-long zigzag retaining Wall Exterior Latex paint  Sten Lex 2016
2011 Walter Seaholm Dr.
AAPP             Kempelen’s Owls                Two 10-foot owl sculptures
NAPA             (New American Public Art)
600 West Second Street near Shoal Creek at the corner of West Second and Nueces Streets.
AAPP             Willie Nelson   (Statue)    Sculpture
Eight-foot-tall sculpture unveiled April 20th 4:20 PM
(420 @ 420)
Clete Shields 2012   Moody Theater Public Plaza
                        310 W. Willie Nelson Blvd. (200)
in the heart of downtown
The Moody Theatre                                         ACL Live
310 W. Willie Nelson Blvd.
Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater (ACL Live) is a state-of-the-art, 2,750-person capacity live music venue that serves as the new home for the taping of the acclaimed KLRU-TV produced PBS series Austin City Limits, the longest running music series in American television history.
City Hall Plaza                                                 Seeding Time  Stones limestone, MeeFog humidification system, lights, oak tree – planted as a sampling from the story of “Austin beloved 500-year-old Treaty Oak” with stone benches for screamers and dreamers to gather around. Nobuho Nagasawa 2004                                                                            301 West 2nd St.
Austin City Hall  1-week notice                   Guided Tour                                30-45 Min MTWF                      No notice                   Self Guided Tour                                        301 W. 2nd St.                   512-974-7819
CiArt               The People’s Gallery              Free                         Exhibition
                                      Austin City Hall
                                               Art on every floor
Reception an annual exhibition of over 150 artworks by Austin-area artist
AAPP             La Fuente en Calle Segunda (Segundo)            Sculpture     
Roger Colombik & Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik 2010
                                                                                W. 2nd St. & San Antonio St.
AAPP             Stevie Ray Vaughan                               Memorial Statue
Bronze. The long bronze “shadow” behind the eight-foot-tall sculpture is that of the man playing his guitar. Ralph Helmick 1994210 Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail 800 W. Riverside Dr.
Auditorium Shores 
Lady Bird Lake Vic Mathias Shores
Austin Central Library
                                            12-6 Su 10- 9 M-Th
10-6 F Sa
Six stories 200,000 feet of technology and books.
                        The largest solar installation in downtown.                                      710 Cesar Chavez St. (1st)   512-974-7400                                                                          
Bus 3 or 803 Republic Square Part to destination.
AAPP             CAW                                                          LED display Aluminum, urethane paint
Christian Moeller 2016
inside the Austin Central Library
710 W. Caesar Chavez St. (100)   
AAPP           The blackbird–                       a real time computer program creating gestures and behaviors never the same
inside the Austin Central Library
710 W. Caesar Chavez St. (100)
CiArt*      Wander         Beacon                            Sculpture
Red Cube Outside the front of the Cookbook Bar
& Café. – Austin Central Library
710 W. Caesar Chavez St. (100)
* leads you on a literary adventure in downtown Austin.  Choose from four stories written by local authors, each starting at the Beacon.
CookBook       BLD                $$                    American
Bar & Cafe             9-10:30 M-F                    Breakfast
and all day Sat-Sun
LN                                           9-9 M-Th   9-7 F Sa Su
710 Cesar Chavez St.       512-487-5166
 inside the Austin Central Library
The Austin Central Library restaurant’s terrace patio provides views of the city, Shoal Creek and the Colorado River.
AAPP*            High Water Mark                                    Railing Panels
                        Deborah Mersky 2008
                        Guadalupe St. & W. Cesar Chavez St.
AAPP              Stem Rack                                                       Bike Rack
                        Ann Armstrong 2012
                        111 Congress Ave.     
AAPP            Street Sounds                                                  Sculpture
                       Sodalitas 2013                Brazos St. / Cesar Chavez St. to 7th St.
TTS                Bats: Congress Avenue Bridge 
            (23) Lady Bird Lake Bat Watching Daily Activity March – October watch 1.5 million                             bats emerge from The Ann W. Richards Congress Ave Bridge at Sunset.
            (Lower Walnut Creek Hike & Bike Trail) 
AAPP             Bait Box                                                        Metal Work
Cast Bronze, welded steel, paint, decal
Buster Graybill 2009                    12017 Amherst Drive
            On the shores of Lady Bird Lake near 12017
                        Amherst Dr. East Side Hike and Bike Trail
AAPP             Bait Box                                                                Award
American for the Arts Public Art Network(PAN) Year in Review
Bait Box is a sculpture inspired by the artist’s experiences with “noodling” (catching flathead catfish by hand) in Oklahoma. He sculpted a giant catfish to honor the folklore surrounding “monster” catfish and the rare individuals obsessively pursuing these creatures. This bronze catfish lounged life-like on a faux High Voltage Box near the shores of Lady Bird Lake, a scenic parkland trail location where visitors sought to discover if the fish were real. The piece provided opportunity for the public to reconnect with the outdoors and share their own stories of “the one that got away.”
The Trail at Lady Bird Lake
(2) Lady Bird Lake 10 Mile Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail
AAPP             Nightwing                                                   Sculpture Painted aluminum, concrete, steel 
Dale Whistler 1998
                        100 ½ Barton Spring Rd.
S. Congress Ave. & Barton Spring Rd. Traffic Intersection Points the way to North America’s Largest Mexican free-tailed bat colony of 1.5 million. Can swivel simulating flight.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Men's Grooming Guide 25-36

A Male Manicure Finger Nail Care Maintaining Your Claws

Maintain your nails. Take the nail test; hold each nail against a mirror, one at a time. Look through the mirror at each cuticle, at each nail underline, and at each nail tip. What you see is what other people get to look at when they or you are eating or drinking with you.  If you are going to eat with someone, do your nails or have them done. 

Get your nails chlorine clean, unless you are allergic to it; soak your nails in bleach for four to five minutes.  It will become warm and start to foam. Your fingernail will begin to feel slimy (no other way to say it). Now rinse them with cold water until they feel like tile that was just cleaned.

Next buff each of your nails with a terry cloth towel; take a look and enjoy. Take the mirror test again, now flash: fling your nails forward at that same mirror. (Damn, that shine looks good on you. Avoid doing this often, unless there is a need to show off. Be easy on ’em. Avoid any shine provided by nail polish. Be easy on yourself. It has been said to whiten your nail tips, soak them in distilled vinegar, before or after buffing.

Learn the art of doing your nails. Take your thumb and/or index finger and pull the topsides of each of your nails down. What you see is what affects your shadow line. There is to be a u-shaped line around each cuticle that is smooth and catches a shadow. This may take some filing….

Men Filing Fingernails
File your fingernails. Use an emery board when you can. This is to be done when nails are dry. Fold your fingers toward you. File away any overgrowth exposed on your nail sides. File sides in to meet the natural line of the cuticle beds. Remove and smooth rough skin along the sides of the nails. Look for the C curve, tomorrow.

Next, you can use the finishing side of your emery board to file down any imperfections, stains, and ridges on each nail. Then, place the shaping side of an emery board under the nail edge at a slant. Start one-eighth inch in and file each nail in from side to center down until each is even with the tips of your fingers. Each nail is to complement the shape of each well-maintained cuticle. Ensure each nail is the same length or in visual sync with each other. Then file behind the tip of each nail so that a clear separation between skin and nail is evident. Wet your nails. File each nail again, if any back nail membrane becomes evident, file it off.

You may shape the underskin, to duplicate the nail tip. Use a nail file, tweezers tip, cuticle cutter tip, or a toothpick. Place the item under the nail and gently move it (no lower than a one-eighth inch down) and to the left or right. Outline the shape of the underskin to mirror the tip of the nail.

Male Cuticle Care

You could take a corner of wet terry cloth and rub your cuticles back, down, and to the right and left to get all but the most difficult dead skin off each of them. This will create a shadow line around the bed of each nail. (Ensure your cuticles are moistened to affect this process.) Should your cuticle tear, nip it with a cuticle cutter. This is the only real function for this tool. You may allow it to dry overnight, and to be rubbed away tomorrow. You can push back your cuticles. You may do this after a bath, or a shower. You may just wet your nails with cold water. Then use a tip of an emery board to push your cuticle tips back off your nail surface. The first time you lift your cuticles back they may be sensitive: hurt for a day or two. (Moisturize them.) Maintaining your cuticles takes a little practice: rub, moisturize, oil, file, and/or at last resort, nip them. Once tried, it only takes a little time for correction later. You might omit to do this or have it done by a professional, who promises only to nip at but not cut them. Moisturize your cuticles daily. Lotion them over oiling them. You can apply Hoofmaker cream®, Cornhuskers Lotion®), or a cuticle care cream, to each nail bed with your thumbs. Each substance will assist in the care of your nails, and help to identify nail overgrowth that was overlooked; corrections can be made now or the next time. It may be done with a lotion to allow a groomed shadow line to “Pop.”  Go ahead and flash.
Omit a moisturizer to your hands at times when "clean hands only" are a condition of your employment.

Repairing Male Nails
Wet and rub your cuticles and nails with a wet terry cloth over filing them. The process is called “Rolling.” File them over cutting them. Cut only the part of a nail or cuticle that is torn.

Make repairs to your nails. When two or more nails are chipped or broken on the same hand, all nails on that hand are to be filed to the length of the shortest nail. You can add a gelatin product in your diet. Eat vegetables. Own a nail clipper if only for the file. When cleaning behind your nails in a rush it beats a brush.  A man may rarely take care of his nails the way he could.  He could be talked into letting someone else do it for him. Get a manicure. Avoid letting your cuticles be cut, or your nails say bad things about you.           ___________

Be alerted that white-spots on your fingernails may be a sign that you have a protein processing deficiency: too much dairy, or that you have bruised a nail. Do not worry. A sign of a vitamin deficiency could be ridges on your fingernails. So could the peeling of skin at the sides of your nails. You might take an RDA minimum multiple-vitamin, say every other day, until the peeling of skin goes away.

Buff your nails. This can be done by using a piece of terry cloth, or with a rubber buffer. Avoid adding polish to this shine. O.K, now look at the last pictures that include your nails. Know that each nail will look that much better the next time. You can go and get a test.

A Male Pedicure Toenail Maintenance Maintaining Your Paws

Perform toenail maintenance. Avoid “Hobbit feet.” File your toenails (paws) over a toilet seat. Lift your feet atop the seat. File each toenail straight across the tip. Trim the nail back to meet the tip of your toe. You can use an emery board to do this. Let the filings go down and then around. Avoid digging under or behind your toenails. Then a callus remover may be used to remove any from your feet. You could scrape away any overgrowth or ridges on top of each toenail. Once a week take your dogs outside: look at your feet while seated on an isolated bench. This is how others see your feet.  Take your tools with you; you may want to refine your maintenance process.

Feet can be soaked during a bath in a tub, or in metal or non-porous bowl in water and baking soda solution to combat foot odor. Feet could be soaked in a bowl of warm water to which you add half a cup of distilled vinegar or tea, or salted water, to assist in the elimination of FO and Athlete's Feet. Each act might aid in the removal of under the toenail dirt. Take care to dry your feet and between your toes. This can be done again with tissue or a paper towel. You can apply a deodorant powder to your feet, or in each of your shoes.

Avoid dry cracked heels. You might coat your feet in a small amount of baby oil, corn oil, or V05, to add moisture and to seal it in. (Lotion the body, oil the feet.) Most times I cheat and lotion the feet.

Male Toenail Fungus

Get a toenail fungus, get an anti-fungal medicine. You can literally piss on your toenails, or soak them in it, to eliminate it, as an alternative treatment, but you knew that.

At a minimum, you may soak toenail fungus in distilled vinegar or a saline solution alone.

You could soak or spray with water, tea tree oil, and Epson salt each toenail twice a day, to see if that works.

You can coat each toenail in Vicks VapoRub®. What could it hurt? For each modality listed, you may do an engine search.

Occasionally, you can treat yourself to a professional pedicure. Let the foot and leg massage happen. The person who accidentally rubs against your toenails will thank you.

You can pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide into your sneakers, let it fizzle, then pour it out, and let each dry. Bacterium (funk) is to be afforded every chance to die. You may pour some baking soda inside your shoe, and pound it and the funk back out.

You can store newspaper inside of each shoe to dry moisture left inside. Get two pairs of shoes. Between wearing shoes, each needs one day to dry out.

Male Body Hair Care

Clean your outer ears with your washcloth and then again with a cotton-tipped swab. Place nothing into your inner ear smaller than your elbow. Have any ear wax removed by a professional or by directions from one.  I have poured peroxide in my ears to get wax out.  I would engine search this is I were you before you do. (Get earplugs for your nightlife.) Get a spare pair for a date or guest, just in case the concert is loud, or one of you snores.

Get a pair of tweezers. Remove sprouting hairs once a week. Inside your ears, hair removal is to be done by you, a professional, or by a friend.

Next, look in a mirror. Squint your eyes and flare your nostrils. Do a pig-poke; turn your head to the side. Push up the tip of your nose. Look for any hairs that protrude from in or under it. Tweeze them out or nip them with cuticle scissors, or trim/trowel them out with a disposable razor.  Come here.

You can go on and shave the hair on your chest. You may have someone shave the hair off your back. This requires the assistance of an assistant. It is to be shaved (the way it grows). Exfoliate 24 hours after the skin is made bare. You can augment this with a waxing of any ingrown hairs. A clipper can be used to shave hair en masse. A spread of cream or aloe gel may be placed on the hair to facilitate it being shaved with a double bladed razor. Implement blades are to be cleaned with 91% alcohol.

Men Shaving Down There

You can shave down there. All hair below your midsection may be shaved with or without a lubricant. (It is just that soft.) You could experience mild discomfort in the form of an ingrown hair. You might tweeze it or let it go away naturally. You may shave down there while seated on your throne or chair. You could stand, hold on, and shave forward. Shaving down there can provide a lowered temperature. It may give an extra dose of hormone. It could make you more virile. It might improve blood circulation (to the genitals). You can place a water-based lotion in this area. In more than one part of the world, male hair below the mid-section is shaved every day. At a public bath, there could be a visual advantage. Fewer people will mysteriously think that you are unsanitary or stink. Avoid waxing, the look you are going for is a new man, not newborn. In the United States of America, you might leave a top patch (and go macho). 

Leg hair can be shaved. Prior to doing this skin is to be wet. Then you can apply a shaving cream or lotion. A dual edge blade may provide an efficient shave. The leg is then to be rinsed and dried. Moisturizer can now be applied. Removing sprouting hair can be done by electrolysis. It may be done by laser, but where? There is an aerodynamic advantage to and of bare shin. It can make for a more pleasant massage. It may be a necessity for a sport or a profession. It has been seen to help make some swim faster.

Male Deodorant Smelling Too Good

Have a deodorant of choice. Consider its use as mandatory. You can apply one before going to bed. After a few days, this action will show daytime benefit. If your armpits become irritated switch scents before switching labels.  You may use White vinegar instead of a deodorant. You could use 91% rubbing alcohol. Wring each hair with it. Do this with a cloth or cotton ball. You might use lemon juice. I have not had to use a deodorant in years. Occasionally I use one when I will be in company. Additionally, a body lotion has been seen used to assist in combating overall body odor. Avoid antiperspirants. Have a scent of your own. Eat pineapple. You can eat leafy vegetables. You may eat parsley, chopped in salad, with or without lemon over it. It may assist in giving your body a clean musky scent. You could wear matched toiletries in the same scent.  You might shop for odor free toiletries and top off unscented items with a spray of a light scent of cologne. Hold the bottle twelve inches away. Spray, and then walk into it. Even an animal does not spray itself intentionally-much. Want more? At night, you might spray away from the back of your knees, or the panels to your bedroom door. Know this; too much of your cologne could be hazardous to other people’s health. There is such a thing as being too clean and smelling too good, but generally, people will forgive you. Forget one of these actions, and someone will remember that there was something they really did mean to tell you.

At home, you can forgo deodorant for the last day before your weekend, and just rinse. For social reasons, you may want to develop a natural musky scent. 

Remember after three days fresh bodies and fish begin to stink; back to deodorant, or to what you use as a deodorant. Avoid Body odor being the number one turn-off listed by people who use to know you. Know that the use of too much cologne could be listed as turn-off number three.

Old Spice works still because daddies wear it. A son does well to make use of his Father’s Christmas present.

You can elect to have a natural scent.  You may attract and mark someone with it.  It may be a funky signature scent for which someone could remember you, or recall your past presence. Avoid it being just funk.