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Fruits can be served as a snack and as a cocktail food. Note:
 "Nearly half of all food poisonings were attributed to produce in general, when illnesses from fruits and vegetables were added in." You can spray your produce or wash each surface thoroughly first with vinegar and then with hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse the produce under running water or wipe the surface with a clean wet sponge.  In foreign countries 5 drops of chlorine per gallon of water are used to dip vegetables in for five minutes to kill field bacteria, and then the produce is thoroughly rinsed. You can omit the above practices and elect to just ensure your produce is thoroughly rinsed. You could rinse them in a vegetable spinner or in a colander. In the world of fruit and vegetables there are "The clean fifteen:" foods you want that you do not have to buy organic, and which may deserve special consideration. And then there are “The dirty dozen:” food you want to buy organic. After being thoroughly washed fruit can be sliced and cut as required. At home, get a separate cutting board or pad for cutting fruit.   Suggested fruit as a # counts as 1 serving (1s) or 1 cup (1c) and grams of fiber (gf) as listed.  As a rule of thumb 1 cup fresh is equal to 1/2 cup cooked or dried.  Get hard
Organic apples and set them in a bowl separate from other fruit. It is a good look. It keeps them from ripening other fruit. Each apple can be cut on a bias or into sections with a fruit slicer, placed on a plate, and served, or drizzled with lemon and placed in a container for eating later. 
You only need a thin sliver of the meat and the skin. Each apple can be cored and cut into slices crosswise and used as a crisp, or each sliced piece can be cut in half and used as a dipper with a peanut butter, honey, and yogurt dip. 1c or 1s with skin = 4.4gf. You can wash apples place them on a plate and cover it with a bowl, and microwave each in under eight minutes. Each apple may be opened and topped with ice cream and or cinnamon, (or scooped out and placed over oatmeal or cake).
Apricots may be served whole, sliced, or dried, or as a salsa for a main dish or side. (*R)
Avocado can be used as a condiment topping or as a dip.  You can cut an Avocado skin around the length of it and split it in half; then using a knife blade, hit the seed and remove it with the blade. Get a mini-grinder/food chopper. With it and re-cycled jars you can make many a dip.
With an avocado you may make
Guacamole: essentially
Avocado scooped out of its shell and mashed it with a fork. To this you add
Grated garlic Lemon juice
Salt Cilantro or parsley
Minced onion, and
Diced tomatoes (drained). It is to be mixed by hand.
To this you can add diced Mangos and top it with some Monterey Jack. You could mix this by hand. You may add hot pepper sauce or jalapenos to Guacamole and if you would like, you may add sour cream to extend this dip or any dip in which there is a cream. Finally you could add Worcestershire sauce.  It stopped being frugal right after the tomatoes.  But add new things. Tasting them can be fun. Cilantro and parsley can be stored in the refrigerator in water in a jar, or under a plastic bag in a jar sitting on a kitchen window ledge.
An Avocado can be cut in half, the seed removed, and each half scooped out whole, and filled with fun stuff: fish or fruit.

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Fruit can be juiced and served as a first course or as a beverage. Drink celebration fruit juice smoothies every day and you will wear each as you walk away.  Fat free and low-calorie are not the same thing. I am told some people can eat fruit whole seeds and stem, that it may help cure what’s wrong with them. I could do this if I were not feeling well.  I might stop doing this when my health got better.
Fruit can be used to make a frugal fruit salad, or sorbet.  Avoid skipping the fruit; you could need the fiber, pectin, and lysine. Get a strainer or colander to assist in washing fruit (and vegetables.) Keep fruit sliced.  Keep your fruits (except for bananas and bell peppers) pre-cut, airtight, and up high.
 “Vegetable bins are where fruits go to die.” You may serve a dish of a dried fruit or mixed dried fruit. Dried fruit might make a snack or cocktail food; but these need a small serving spoon or metal scoop. 
Zucchini, bell peppers, and summer squash, can be tossed in olive or safflower oil and fresh herb dressing, grilled, and served. These can be eaten raw.
There, these are fruits I know literally from A- Z.
Fruit is to be selected fresh, frozen, dried, or canned, fermented or pickled in that order.  Canned fruit is to contain no added sugar and no corn syrup, were possible. Fresh fruit whole or pureed is to be used in lieu of juices. Learn fruits you can serve as a side and eat to burn. Eat whole fruits. You can juice them or just slice them in cubes and eat them with a fork, ball them and eat them with a spoon, or part them in segments, and eat them with your fingers. Informally, cut fruit can be eaten and shared with individual toothpicks. Fruits high in soluble fiber include citrus fruits, strawberries and apple pulp.  Fruits can be high in insoluble fiber in the form of apple skin. Wash it off.   Eat the sides of the apple including the skin, the rest you can eat or not. You can elect to eat fruits which are low-calorie and or that have a low Glycemic index.  Engine search this. Know what you are eating and serving. Know if it has been genetically modified.  
Fruits and vegetables have stickers (PLUs – Price Look up Codes.) PLU stickers that have 4 digits and begin with a “3” or “4” can mean produce is “conventionally” grown. 
In the world of fruit and vegetable there are the dirty dozen foods you want to buy organic, and not to be mean there are the clean fifteen.
PLU stickers that have 5 digits and start with an “8” may mean produce was genetically engineered.
PLU stickers that have 5 digits and start with a “9” could mean produce was raised organically. Curious about other variations of codes you can go to
Fruits can be frugal in Season
Portion *1 cup or 1 counts as 1 cup
Servings 2 Servings
Exception Avocado 2 Tbsp or 1/8 piece, yeah right
Some say ¼ to ½ per day.
Calories 25% of your lunch can be fruit, cucumber and
tomatoes raw, cooked, or marinated count.
Look up night shades. Some may need to avoid these.

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Educated eating is not to take a beating at a university: 9 units in living skills are to accompany each degree: learn the soft skills side of a business education.
One dining facility in which you eat is to have real plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, coffee cups, saucers and napkins. Students need the practice establishing and maintaining a cover: (A Place Setting for One.)
If students are to overcome informal United States of America Café ways they must have exposure to better equipped cafeterias, and formal dining rooms.
Students need the practice of establishing a cover; a place setting for one and hosting dining parties as if they could become one.

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Men's Personal Grooming and
Men's Business Etiquette to Know
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University Etiquette
Men's Business Body Grooming

An At Ease Press Etiquette Guide
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To Josh, and to each student/son who wanted to know what could be expected from him publicly, my humble attempt at a map.

To Proofreaders and reviewers;
Thank you for inserting arrows where needed, dotting "i" s, where required, and adding directions and signs to assist sons in climbing mountains, standing on their own, and finding their way home.

Men's Personal Grooming and Men's Business Etiquette  to Know is a compilation of three life skills etiquette guides on male development: Male Personal Grooming, University Etiquette Sex, and Men's Business Etiquette to Know:  things (a male needs) to do, things of which to be mindful, and cool rules to know; things someone will tell a graduate student son.

“Do not hate the player or the game. Hate (having the talent, and) not knowing the rules.”

Get Etiquette” – outclass the competition. Manners: things you know to do, must be married to etiquette: the rules to go with them, for there to be a good result; what you approve of must be married with the set of rules for the court you are in or for the court at the level to which you wish to ascend. He who has talent and follows the rules best wins.