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Organization Identification File Plan/Continuity Folder Over the Counter Etiquette

by Harold Almon
Be at Ease School of Etiquette
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Logo: __________________________

Business Contact Information
The Name Game Organization Name:
At Ease Press-Be at Ease School of Etiquette -
Type of Business: (Sole proprietorship can be omitted.)

Name/ Position Harold Almon Author/Business Etiquette Instructor/Director
State License
Professional License
Year Founded /Years Established: Business since: 1987

City License
DBA/ Sole Proprietorship
Tax /501

Presentation Folder
Definition Line Business Product Registry:
Career Services AEP Etiquette Books Business Etiquette Lessons Business Dining Lessons
Check Web Site Positioning - Google

2.4 Slogan/Tag Line: Manners to Etiquette - Outclass the Competition
"Master Etiquette Organizing and a Sense of Style"

It is a promise, a solution, a pledge that says, I have the answer," or "We can help." It can be placed in or under an organization name. It may be implied, added, or omitted

2.5 Benefits/ Additional Information - Be at Ease School of Etiquette will help you (enjoy benefits) enhance your performance, explore wonderful traditions, gain acceptance, a new perspective, and acquire social keys to advancing more at ease.

2.5a Short: Benefits: Enjoy benefits enhanced performance acceptance advancement

Trade Show Card: School of Etiquette -Austin TX
Followup Program
Methods of Payment/Funding/Donations
Work Orders

Customer Contact Information: Rule of Three

Hours of Operation Schedule
Payment (Options)/Donation Methods Your Business Accepts AE MC V PC PP

Location Information
4.1 Website Address Uniform Resource Location (URL):
( Allegiance Address / Domain Name)
Go to look up domain name or name availability
4.1a Register/secure a URL domain name: /
4.1b Secure a Website host: / Go
41c Username__________ Password_________
Username__________ Password_________
4.1d Know Your IP Address:__________
4.2 Site/Mail to address: 1212 W. Ben White Blvd., Ste. 214 Austin TX 78704-7197
This site address can be used to create a map and driving information so customers can find your location.
4.2.a Client Side Image Maps provided by Mapquest. Text
4.4 (Walk to address)
4.5 Business E mail address: /
4.5a Secure an Email host: / Go
4.5b Username__________ Password__________
Username__________ Password__________
4.6 FAX (another kind of e-mail)
4.7. Video Conferencing Address

5 5a Telephone Number: (512) 821-2699
Service Provider__________ Long Distance Provider__________

Telephone Number: (512) ______________________
Service Provider__________ Long Distance Provider__________

Listing hierarchy - the number you want called the most list last
Wire Protection Program

Telephone Listings
Listing Host _______________ http// (listed - sponsored listing - difficult to find - awaiting approval
advertising.superpages - ws - sponsored listing NIF
Not used - 28k Google Local Business Center - changed to a free gift center
Not used - sponsored listing - leave alone for land lines only NIF was advertise,+Career,+Continuing+Education/Business+Schools NIF http:NIF
Not used Business Solution Center NIF NIF - Will contact - submitted update

Copy cache and paste – telephone listing(s) . Goggle each listing. See which provides the best presence. Check listing one a month for accuracy and update. Print __________________

Perform Telephone Checklist Check

Check Outgoing Message

Provide Business Listing Information

A Profile / Biography
Facebook ha e Harold Almon

                                          Toolbox for IT

Earthquake Preparedness
 Pictures/Photographs (JPEGs), (GIFs)


Using Personal and Business Cards
 Organization/ Visiting Cards
Writing Instruments

Business Card: Registry/
Business Card Back:_________________

Business Card Errors

Signature Color a: Pantone:
Signature Color b: Pantone:
Signature Color c: Pantone:
Signature Color d. Pantone:

Social and Business Writing Paper

 More info____



Reviews/ Testimonials/Surveys
Business Product Definition Line:

Career Services
AEP Etiquette Books
Etiquette Lessons
Business Dress & Image

Business Dining Etiquette

S & B H