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University Etiquette How to Eliminate Four Errors on Your Business Card Organization Identification Protocols

Over the Counter Etiquette
by Harold Almon baesoe.com
How to Eliminate Four Errors on Your Business Card
Yes There are 4 Errors on Your Business Card
Eliminate Them
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Organizational Identification Protocols Business Web Site Listing(s) Set Up -

Outclass the Competition
by Harold Almon  baesoe.com
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

Create a Web Site for your business, especially if the site is free with a domain registration.
Cache: Copy and Paste in Excel: Business Web Site Listing(s)

Trade Show Card  1a Pick an Administrative Contact for updates and maintenance____________________

1b Pick a list great URL/domain name
(be at ease school of etiquette) baesoe.com
1c Pick an Executive Host, Programmer, for web design/ layout or template fill in.

Web Site Listing Information
2.1 Logo: Johari Window 2.1a Images _____2.2 Pictures/ Photographs (JPEGs)_____ GIFs______ 2.3 Videos______

2.3a Digitized Videos & Sound Recordings _____ 2.3b Digitized Image Scanning_______ 2.3c Live on Line Video and Chat Rooms _____ 2.3d. Custom Background _____ 2.3e. Client Side Image Maps provided by Mapquest. Text.

2.4 Slogans/Tag Lines "Master Etiquette Organizing and a Sense of Style" Manners to Etiquette Students Outclass the Competition

2.5 Benefits/ Additional Information - Be at Ease School of Etiquette will help you (enjoy benefits) enhance your performance, explore wonderful traditions, gain acceptance, a new perspective, and acquire social keys to advancing more at ease.

Short: Enjoy benefits enhanced Performance Acceptance and Advancement

2.6 More info______
2.7 Sparks______
2.8 Ratings ______
2.9 Reviews Testimonials _____

2.10 Customer Contact Information
The Rule of Three
Telephone #
Limit entry requirements to three (unless you are giving something away free or unless you need a Ship to Address.

Method of Contact – Tables Forms Online Input Forms – Multiple Input Forms

Business Contact Information
3.1 Name/ Position: Harold Almon, Etiquette Coach and Life Skills Coach, Director Career Services and Professional and Graduate Students
3.2 Your Organization Name -Be at Ease School of Etiquette
(6. Definition Line: Etiquette Guides and Etiquette Lessons, Life Skills Coach Career Development Services)

Method of Contact – Tables Forms Online Input Forms – Multiple Input Forms

Web site Location Information
4. Web Site Name/Address URL/domain name baesoe.com
4.1 Go to Whoisdatabase.com - Look up URL/domain name availability.
Register: Secure a URL/domain name/ Register.com
Secure a Web Site Host: Register.com
check and correct contact information on file - Print
File w/addresses.

Website: Copyright Application -
Burns Act
Digital Millennium Media Act
Know the effects of these acts.

4.2 Site/ Mail to Address Street:1212 W. Ben White Blvd., Ste. #214
City: Austin, State: TX Zip (+4) 78704-7197
This site address can be used to create a map and driving information so customers can find your location. This item normally listed at the bottom of the site (4.3, 4.4omit.)

4.5 (Contact) Your Comments Box (E- Mail address) You can go ahead and provide your E-mail address. People who contact you are to be considered customers or practice.

4.5a E- Mail Links

Chrome Brower: Video Conferencing Skpye

4.6 FAX (another kind of E-mail)

4.7 Hyperlinks to other sites 4.7a. Chat Room

5. Telephone # (512) 565-9394 (512) 821-2699

Listing hierarchy – the number you want called most list last.
Chrome Brower: Video Conferencing Skype

Voice call MP3 – ‘Meep” Messages (6. omit)

6. Business Field Name - Society Relationship Etiquette

7. Business description: Be at Ease, School of Etiquette, – At Ease Press, is the premier, school and press, providing Etiquette Lessons, Career Development Services, and Etiquette Books for College Students and Graduates (Sons and Daughters) on Business Dining Etiquette, - Male Business Dress, - Business Social Etiquette, and - Male Grooming and Career Development.

7.1 Enter Mega Tags for search engines. “Tags are keywords, or labels, that are based on the type of business and category the business is in” by Field, Business, Mission Objective /Description/ Product Definition line or Registry: a menu or list of the top three to twenty products and/or services you have to offer of things that you can be paid to provide.

1. Etiquette Schools Austin
2. Outclass the Competition
3. Etiquette Lessons Austin
4. Business Social Etiquette
5. Be at Ease School of Etiquette
6. Male Grooming
7. At Ease Press Etiquette Books
8. Seating Arrangements
9. College Students Graduates
10.Society Relationship Etiquette
11.Polished Table Manners for College Students
12.Men's Business Dress Clothing and Accessories
13.Business Dining Etiquette
14.Business Management Consultants
15.Professional Table Manners for Graduates
16.Life Coaching Seminars
17.Correct (Creative) Table Setting
18.Using Personal Cards and Business Cards
19.Career Development Services
20.Updates to Resumes

7.1a Site description: Repeat or condense business description. Add slogan and contact information. The site description that you put below will be used by some search engines as the text that appears below the link to your site in their search results lists.
Include contact info:_________________________

7.1b Be at Ease School of Etiquette. (Austin TX ateasepress.com) Etiquette Lessons • Career Development Services and Etiquette Lessons & Etiquette Guides for Polished Professionals and Graduate Students (Sons and Daughters) on Business Dinner Etiquette and Business and Economis Etiquette: Business Dining Etiquette •Male Business Dress • Business Social Etiquette and Male Grooming and Career Development.
Master Etiquette Organizing and a Sense of Style – Outclass the Competition -ateasepress.com or Etiquette Instructor Harold Almon 512-821-2699

Marketing and Promotion Adding metatags to your site will not automatically submit your website to search engines. It will however let search engines better catalog your site once they include it in their listings. To have your site picked up by search engines, there are several products servers offer, you can mass input, or mass list.

7.2 Business *Product Definition Line: for
*Etiquette Lessons Career Development Services and Etiquette Guides; each a product for which you can be paid to provide.

*It is a promise, a solution, a pledge that says, "I have the answer," or “We can help.” It can be placed in or under an organization name. It may be implied or omitted.

7.2a Expanded Product Definition Line:key words and categories if field has been omitted or limited.

Etiquette Lessons Career Development Services and Etiquette Guidess on Business Dining Etiquette Men's Business Dress Business Social Etiquette and Men's  Grooming and Career Development.

7.2b Business Product Definition Line for: Etiquette Lessons Post(ings)

Business Dining Etiquette
Business Soft Skills
Polished Professional and Graduate Student Table Manners
Professional Table Manners for Graduates
Corporate Soft Skills Training
Leadership Training
Life Coaching (Personal Coaching)
Dance Instruction
Vocabulary Development Training

7.2c Business Product Definition Line: for Career Development Services

Business Career Training (Post)
Business Management Consulting
Career Development Services
Executive Coaching
Professional Training and Coaching
Resumes and Cover Letter Writing

7.2d Business Product Definition Line: for Etiquette Guides

Publishing - (ateasepress.com)
Etiquette Guides

7.3 Submit to _____Web search engines or multi list.

7.4 Browser specific Codes

7.5 MTI Sites

7.6 Google Application Engines

7.7 Allow spiders on all but the contact us information page, where applicable.

7.7 Cache: ________________________

8. Service(s)

Products can be a service as well as the venue provided for them:
Camps, Career Development Services, Etiquette Lessons,Guide Books, Life Coaching, Management Consulting, Online Training, On Site Training, Self Empowerment Programs Seminars, Soft Skills Training, Summer Programs, Training Videos, Tutoring, Vendors, Video Conferencing, Webinars:each a service you can be paid to provide.
Note: Google your product and or service category and see where you are listed and know why.

9. Brands

Business Dining Etiquette
Polished Table Manners for College Students (Sons and Daughters)
Professional Table Manners for Graduates
Business Social Etiquette
Career Development Services
Male Grooming
Etiquette Books

10. Specials Student discount 50%

11. Business Information
11.1 Hours of Operation/ Schedule (Web site only)

11.2 Payment
11.2a Cost: _ Free Initial Assessment Per person investment
per (1hr) session_________________ per one-day/ term session_____________
Information, reservations: Drop down menus
11.2b Method to be paid. (Discounts)

11.2c (Options) Methods Your Business Accepts
Retail Style Credit Card Transfers
Using all major credit cards AE MC V PC
Immediate on line Approval/ Rejection

Web Site
11.2d On line ordering forms
A Work Order/ Registration Form
Extended Customer Information : Bill to Address – Ship to Address

– Add to Carts
Pay Pal
Money goes directly to your bank account.

11.3 Year Founded Years Established Business since: 1987
11.4 Certifications
11.5 Professional Association(s) Group(s)

12. Profile Details Business
12.1 Areas Served/ Customer Served/ Audience: College Students and Graduates – Schedule lessons and Contact contacts using Google Calendar
12.2 Number of Locations
12.3 Number of Employees
12.4 Credentials/ Licensed Bonded
12.5 Emergency Services
12.6 Ownership: Minority Owned, Locally Owned
12.7 Languages Spoken:
12.9 Profile Details Public (Bio)
Check Google Master Tools

Check Web Site Listings/Posts

Google your field ( )
Society Relationship Etiquette Schools
Use the Google directory to locate your field. See where the Bigs are and if that is where you want to be respond accordingly.
Google your business name ( )______________________
Google your address ( )________________________
Goggle your allegiance address ( URL )

Look up your competition web-address. Look for a mail to address. If not listed on the website, go to Whoisdatabase.com -
Look up your competitions mail to address.
Goggle your competitions address. See if you are listed where they are. List your business with service provider as is free and as you are able.

Go each field, item in your definition line, product and service for your city. Look to see where your competition is listed. See if you can get listed where they are.

You could be surprised where you are listed. Update/ correct as required.

Cache: Copy and Paste results in Excel: under Telephone Listings
Check listing one a month for accuracy and update. Print

Get a Web Site. Become Organic: you are on the first page or no page. You want to be in the Golden triangle: first to fifth under the people who have paid to be listed even when that includes you.

Do it all again. Query Quick Hydra

Share your Website – List it on other Directories
Submit to Goggle
Other Directories

Get Analytics:
Check Goggle analytics Traffic Blazer

Get Spyware
Spy Ware Doctor

Get Anti-virus
Avast Anti-Virus

Meet Web Site Listings Challenges

Make your site distinctive by Name:_______________________
Business Name: Protections_______________________
Name Stratification:________________________
Individuals with like names_________________________
Separate locations_____________________________
(State City in each listing)
Changed locations_______________________
to present date ___________________________
Nickname moniker credentials

Cache: Copy and Paste results in Excel: under Telephone Listings

OK Go sell something already.