Saturday, August 13, 2016

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 Outclass the Competition
by Harold Almon

Men when you plan on being intimate Safe sex - is power sex. Safe sex begins with Latex. The knowledge that you are definitely disease free (DDF) is power only until just after your last partner. Get a new partner and you are due a new free confidential test for HIV or a STD. Want a commitment ceremony; every six months to a year get a re-test.
Talk to your partner; until the results are in, practice safe sex. Masturbation, hugging, cuddling, massage, and “dry-humping” without insertion are all safe since no bodily fluids are exchanged. Tears and saliva can not carry enough HIV to be dangerous. Still, avoid making out or kissing just after eating, brushing, or flossing. Avoid kissing if there are sores or cuts in one or both mouths. “Safe?” OK kiss away.
When planning on hooking up: sex with insertion. Get made in the United States of America (USA) latex condoms. The only kinds that will protect you against HIV & STDs.
Condoms made in the USA have to meet very stiff requirements (pun unintended.) Avoid taking a condom out of its sealed packaging until you are ready to use it. Get the right size. Practice using one before you need one. You can practice on a banana. Dab water or a water-based lubricant inside the tip of the condom. You can use Wet® or Corn Huskers® lotion, or one of your choosing.
Avoid using oil base lubricants such as cooking oil, Mineral Oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, butter, and/or vegetable or olive oil. They can make a condom break in minutes. Place the condom against the head of an erect penis. Leave some space at the tip for semen. You can use a non-reservoir condom for head. If said penis is uncut, pull back the foreskin before putting on the condom.
Hold onto the tip. Press the air out of it as you unroll it completely to the base. For extra protection, you can use two. (I kid. I think. I do not know who you do.) To assist penetration use plenty of the same water based lubricant on the outside of the condom. If you have a reaction, try another brand of lubricant.
Immediately after ejaculation hold the base of the condom and pull out. You can pull out before ejaculation. Avoid ever reusing a condom. If you have a reaction to Latex, try condoms made of polyurethane (plastic.) Bare back is for horse riding. Saddle up. Condoms feel better than sleeping alone.
Using your fingers? If you use your fingers during sex make sure that your fingernails are trimmed, clean, and smooth. You can use a vinyl glove or a finger cot / condom for finger insertion (and maybe with a toy.) After, keep your fingers out of your mouth and out of your partner’s mouth.
Avoid sharing toys until each has been cleaned thoroughly with soap and water, and then with 91% rubbing alcohol (It can kill HIV.) You may elect to clean each with cola, in a pinch. You could just cover each with a new vinyl product for each person using it.
Avoid direct mouth contact with any sex organ or entry point. You can use your nose if you want a new sensation for the both of you. If and when you engage in non-direct mouth contact, you can use an unrolled condom cut to the center. You may use a dental dam. You could use non-micro-waveable food wrap. Open it up and stretch it over the part of your partner’s body you are going to play with.
Each condom or dam could be covered with honey, jellies, powdered sugar, and/or syrups. Avoid such toppings as whipped creams, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, and/or liquors. They can weaken a condom and make it break.
O.K. where did you place that condom, find that toy, abstain if you like. Stay alive. Enjoy.

No Condom – OK by me. About STDs -
You want to be the giver or the receiver - Are you crazy?
There are bugs out there, worse yet, there are bug spreaders, and bug chasers, who willingly share with you – their passion. There is a reason not to swim without scuba gear in polluted waters.
Some men think safe sex is a woman’s responsibility or that safe sex can be handled with a prayer, “Oh lord, just not Aids.” And have as an excuse for not using a dental damn, “I am not going to insult myself out of some Nookey” Avoid talking yourself out of being DDF (definitely disease free.)
The answer given to a Christian man who asked, Should I marry now, or get my PhD? “It is good for a man, not to touch a woman… It is better to marry than to burn.” I have no idea what is said in each religion, or what each man’s morays or needs may be. I did go to the Wedding.