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Consulting One Organization Identification Protocols Guide to:

A Organization Identification Protocols Continuity Folder
1" view binder - top loading document protectors
Business Identification Website

Telephone Listing Set Up (800)596-0133
1a Pick an Administrative Contact for updates and maintenance
In house:
P&E Instructor: Harold Almon (512) 821 -2699

Logo: Button

1 .1a Business Title Information: One Click Referral
Definition Line: Dental Referrals

Attention to Line: _________Rodgers 
(name or designation linked to profile optional)
Job Position -title linked to website profile optional) facebook/ linkedin

Dental Innovator (Custom Dental Software & Marketing Solutions)

Dental Technology Expert and Dental Marketing Expert
____________________Allegiance/ Interoffice Office Address login failed*
website name  hyperlinked to site
_________Region______________________________ Sector

Allegiance Logos ____________________________________

Signature Color a: Pan tone: 
Signature Color b: Pan tone: 
Signature Color c: Pan tone:
Signature Color d. Pan tone:
Dental Referrals

Pictures/Photographs (JPEGs), (GIFs)_____________________
Graphics files - I LUV My Dentist

Marketing and graphics for RecordLinc



Tag: Securely Share Dental Records & Referrals
Tag: Securely Share Your Dental Records & Referrals

Slogan/Tag Line:
It is a promise, a solution, a pledge that says, I have the answer,"
or "We can help." It can be placed in or under an organization
name. It may be implied, added, or omitted

2.5 Allows dentist to
deliver the best service possible,
grow their practice,
minimize time spent performing back office functions.  
Benefits/ Additional Information

2.5a (Envy:) Enhance Ease and Dependability of doctor-to-doctor communication. Enjoy State of the art dental practice management software.(Greed:) Save time in transit, staff time, and mailing costs
(Fear:) Meet Compliance and Security Standards with the  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
Bigger Better Benefits: __________________________________

A Profile / Biography
Profiles ___________________________________________

Resume __________________________________________

Customer Contact Information Rule of Three

Business Contact Information
Font ______________________________________________

Business Categories__________________________________

Name Badge Placement ________________________________

3.6 Trade Show Card: _________________________________
Flyer _____________________________________________
Brochure __________________________________________
Followup Program ____________________________________
Four Errors on Your Business Card

Using Personal and Business Cards
Organization/ Visiting Cards
Writing Instruments

Business Card: Registry_______________________________
Business Card Back:__________________________________
Social and Business Writing Paper

Product Promotion Reviews Testimonials
Reviews/ Testimonials/Surveys

Location Information Address__________________________

4.1 Allegiance Address: Uniform Resource Location (URL):

Host Service provider ________________________________
Link _____________________________________________
Telephone ________________________________________
Name ____________________________________________
UserName ________________________ P_______________
Mail to __otce______________________________________
Forwarded to_______________________________________
Link _____________________________________________
Account _________________________________________
Pin ______________________________________________
Category __________________________________________

Go to Names look up domain
name or name availability*
Host Service provider ________
4.1a Register/secure a URL domain name:
4.1b Secure a Website host: ____________________________
4.1d Know Your IP Address:____________________________
Goto _______________________________

4.2 Site/address: ____________________________________
This site address can be used to create a map and driving
information so customers can find your location.
4.2.a Client Site Image Maps provided by Mapquest.

________Rodgers _______________________Attention to Line
4.4 (Walk to address) _________________________________

4.5 Business E mail address ____________________________
_______RodgersCEO*                                Host Service

______Rodgersdentalmarketingexpert  have forwarded to new email.
______Rodgers CEO*
Telephone _________________________________________
Name _____________________________________________
UserName _____________Password ____________________
Mail to hy_________________________________________
Forwarded to_______________________________________
Link _____________________________________________
Account __________________________________________
Pin ______________________________________________
Question __________________________________________
Answer __________________________________________
Question _________________________________________
Answer __________________________________________

Email Signatures

4.6 FAX (another kind of e-mail)

4.7. Video Conferencing Address

5 5a Telephone Number (_) ___________________________
Service Provider____________________________________
 Long Distance Provider______________________________
Telephone Listings

Google telephone numbers


(800)596-0133  goggle it **


1-800-596-0133 ------


Listing Host ___________________ http// (listed
Get a free listing in all - sponsored listing l
advertising.superpages -  sponsored listing
Google Local Business Center - a free gift center
LinkedIn -  for land lines only - sponsored listing -tx.html was advertise
Toolbox for IT
Twitter Business Solution Center - submitted update

Goggle each listing. See which provides the best presence.
Check listing once a month for accuracy and update.
Printing is optional.

Telephone Number: ( ) _______________________________
Service Provider____________________________________
Long Distance Provider______________________________

Listing hierarchy - the number you want called the most list last
Wire Protection Program

Perform Telephone Checklist Check
Check Outgoing Message
Provide Business Listing Information

6. Web Site/Business Contact Information_________________
The Name Game Organization Name:_____________________

Business Product Definition Line
Type of Business: (Sole proprietorship can be omitted.)
Name/ Position _____________________________________
Presentation Folder __________________________________
Definition Line Business Product Registry: _________________

Check Web Site Positioning - Google

7. Products  Registry (What 'cah Selling)

Unveils New Implant Case Management System

(Google and define)


I LUV My Dentist


7.a  Bags __________________________________________

8. Services_________________________________________

9. Specialties_______________________________________

10.  Special Discounts________________________________

11.  Business Information _____________________________
Sessions of Operations _______________________________
Hours of Operation Schedule___________________________
Cost _____________________________________________
Methods of Payment/Funding/Donations
Coupons _________________________________________
Work Orders ______________________________________
Payment (Options)/Donation Methods Your Business Accepts
Receipts/ Bills of Lading /Guest Checks
On Line ordering forms_______________________________

Location Information
Year Founded ______________________________________
Certification _______________________________________
Continuing Education Credit ___________________________
Networks _________________________________________
Professional Associations (See Profiles)

12  Profile Details Business
12 a. Area Served/ Customer Served/ Audience;
12 b Number of Locations
12 c. Number of Employees
12 d. Schedule
12e  Credentials/ Licensed Bonded
12 f Emergency Services
12 g Ownership: Minority Owned, Locally Owned
12 h Languages Spoken
12 i  Profile Details Private
A Profile/ Biography See. 2.6

Have a profile/ biography. You can update each every two years.
 It can list part of your job description of qualifications. It could
list the benefit you might provide to someone. It might include
how to get started or how to contact you. The latter information
can be omitted.

Type of Business:  Sole ProprietorshipFictitious, LLC, Inc
Business Name
Statement/ Sole proprietorship Bank Account  Required to get
a Business Telephone Line
Bank _____________________________________________
City License ________________________________________
Certifications _______________________________________
DBA/ Sole Proprietorship _____________________________
Checks ___________________________________________
License Product - Sellers Permit_________________________
Non Profit Tax /501 __________________________________
Bonding __________________________________________
Professional License _________________________________
State License _______________________________________
Year Founded /Years Established: Business since: ___________

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Eti - Q Test Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining DiningThings to Learn and Do

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
What to do.  Two Pre Steps: RSVP    Accept the ‘kind’ invitation and the Dress request.   Identify Meal restrictions.   Get Coupons.  In addition to the universal rule for eating in company, "Eat a little something  after you leave home.” And get directions.
Because the more you climb the corporate ladder the more dining protocols matter; there comes a time to transcend coffee shop habits and dining hall ways, and to display rules of etiquette for business dining. It is a ritual at which more than eating is done. On the way to the top there are stations and lines at which to stop.
Station 1. The Meeting Line
1.       Be punctual, arrive just in time, whatever this means in your community.       (Occasionally show up with a present.)
Station 2. Name Badge Placement
2. Know where to wear that name badge. Get a name badge holder.
Station 3. Something to Drink
3.       Know how to respond to an offer of an alcoholic drink. During daylight, order a “Virgin” drink over a “Non-Alcoholic one.” It is just easier to say. A juice can be a substitute for an alcoholic drink. Know “What can I get you,” and what it will cost.   Know what to do with that cocktail napkin.  
4.     Learn to hold a glass by the base.  Lift the glass with the right hand.  
 Avoid the crane; drink without poking someone in the eye; keep your elbows and arms down close to your sides while taking a drink from a glass. When not drinking, keep your right hand warm, dry, and free. Appear to be drinking less than the host, hostess, or person who is picking up the tap. At an evening event, make any drink Virgin (especially after your first.) (And wash your hands before you come to or stay at the table.)  
5 .       Learn to survive a business party: hold a napkin, glass, and plate in the left hand functionally. 
6.       Mock tail Introductions Do introductions correctly.
7.       Notes on Handshaking Shake hands the right way.  
8.       Mingle. Be good company. When someone gives you a business card, know what to do with it and what to have to give back. You can say, “I am temporarily out.   I can email you my resume or contact information."  
Station 4. The Line to the Table
9.       Learn who should get the first seat of honor at a table. Review the  Plan de table.
10.     Table Talk.    Do table introductions. Prepare for conversation. Talk about things other than work (unless it is the purpose for the meal). Talk, some unseen food can still be in your mouth. In business, keep the people at your table company. (Remember, for some, your conversation is the entertainment.)
At a family dinner, know an invocation acceptable to your host’s culture Someone may say, would you care to say a prayer?
Know what to do when someone stops to visit you at table.
Know how to interact with dining staff.

11.     Know the current USA menu number and order of courses. Know the rules of Menus and formatting Menu Cards. Learn what to do after reading that reusable menu. Notes to self, if a menu in not Prix Fixe, order something you know how to eat.
12.     Rules for Setting a Place Setting with Spoons: a napkin is to be placed center a place setting in absence of a first course. In a home, the spoon for coffee can be omitted from a place setting.
Maintain your cover: (place setting for one,) or establish one. A cover is to be free of technology.  
13.     Know when is a water glass to be at a table. Look for drinks to be served from the right (refreshing.)
14.     Setting an Advanced Formal Place Setting Know Rules for Using Flatware: the butter spreader and bread and butter plate are omitted.  Know which fork to use and when and how: name six.
15.     When seated at a table, know when is a napkin to be picked up and placed in your lap. 
16. Notes to Self (Sit up straight. Bring food to you)   (Avoid duck and chuck.) 
17.     Rules for Bread and Butter      Avoid bread until you receive a main course dish; remember bread is not a first course   Avoid leaving teeth marks  in bread that you are eating. 
18.      Using Glasses at Table  Know how many refills of water can you get. 
Station 5.  The Line to the Food
19.     Filling a plate take small amounts of food. (Practice eating in courses over eating in piles.) Look for food to be served from the (leaving) side.  Avoid taking too little, or too much, or more in visual calories than those dining around you. Try a little of everything unless restricted by religion, health, or culture.  
20.     Take a hand rest often.  You can rest your elbows on the table - in between courses. (Continental style, you can talk with a knife and fork in your hands. Keep them low.) Place your implements in the rest position for the style in which you are eating, anytime you want.
21.     Eat each meal in an accepted style.
Cut items, one or two pieces at a time.  (Yes, you may eat only one thing at a time.)  Sit up straight. Take small amounts of food.  Close your mouth around the edge of any fork placed in it. Chew each portion with your mouth closed, and saver each bite. Taste buds live and digestion begins there, and not the stomach – yes that’s right.  Avoid chewing with your mouth open. "It is disturbing and annoying.”  Avoid eating too little, too much, or too fast, or acting as if the meal is to be your last. Make as little noise as possible. Keep your hands on the table. Pace yourself. Eat each course in such a manner as to finish it along with the person to your right.  When at a loss as to how to eat a particular dish, you can ask." The lesson most likely will begin with a smile. In public, leave a little something of each course on your plate. 
22.     Avoid adding salt or pepper to food prior to tasting it.  When salt is requested, ensure both pepper and salt are passed.
23.      When cutting meat, slice with the grain, and cut across the grain, or fillet it. Avoid seconds in the same place, or in any home not your own.  
24.     Know of what an after dinner salad is to consist.                                  
25  Correcting the table is done before serving dessert. When it is time, “Take a break.”  Before temporarily leaving the table place flatware in the rest or finished position for the style in which you are eating; get up; place your napkin in your chair.
Know what to do when someone visits your table.  Between the salad course and dessert, visit Station Six: the bathroom. Make Checks and repairs. Know the answer to the question, “Where can I wash my hands.”  

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*Soup as a First Course II Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette University Etiquette Business Dining

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

2. Soup can be served with croutons or oyster cocktail crackers. Each may be eaten by placing them in the vessel a few at a time and eating them with the soup. Saltine crackers are to be eaten separately from the soup. These crackers can be crumbled into chowder, but this is to be done only at a very informal meal.

3. Soup may be served with a relish tray. Items on it are considered finger foods, and are to be picked up with them. Each person can take up to two of each item and place them on a bread and butter plate.

4. Relish tray items may be placed on the edge of an underlying plate in the absence of a bread and butter plate. Olive pits could be taken out of the mouth with the thumb and the index finger and placed on the left edge of the plate.

5. The rest position for the spoon is handle in the four o’clock position. The finished position for a spoon on a plate is at four o’clock. The finished position for a spoon served with a bowl or cup is on the right side of the underlying plate.

6. Sherry may be served with a soup course. A sherry glass is to be set in formation to the right of the last wine glass. It can be filled half- full, without being lifted from the table. The glass is to be held by the stem in the right hand when drinking from it. It is to be set back in the position for it when the drink is rested or finished. Sherry could be omitted.

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Get Napkins Professional & University Etiquette Provisioning

Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
etiquette guide
Get cocktail napkins; drinks are to be served with a napkin. Get cocktail napkins; drinks are to be served with a napkin or a coaster. Each napkin can be standard square size 9 7/8” by 9 7/8” or the size used at luncheons. Each can be made of paper.
A stack of cocktail napkins can be held in the hands, pressed in the center and turned, and the stack will begin to spiral. This can be done with napkins while they are being pressed and turned in the center on a table.
Cocktail napkins can be folded  lengthwise and back down and used for dinner. This is more frugal than etiquette.  Dinner napkins are to be seventeen x seventeen inches square or larger and can be folded and used for cocktails. Each dinner napkin can be folded into a signature fold for your event. You may learn four napkin folds at minimum from Correct Creative Table Setting.
In a bar, a pre-dinner drink is considered given when set atop a cocktail napkin center the space for the person for whom it is intended.
A host/ hostess can hand a drink directly to a guest with a napkin, or without one, but why? Avoid wrapping a napkin around a drink glass for yourself or anyone else.
A napkin is considered at rest pending the return of the person drinking when it is set atop a glass.

The Line to Station Three - the Frugal Bar for Alcohol University Etiquette Provisioning - Cooking 101 Strategies

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

Normally the line to station three, the frugal bar, leads to an area set in the corner of a room used to serve something to drink during an event. This station is to follow station two: the Reception line.  
Etiquette Guide
In a polite home, station three is the living room; a sofa table is a bar. A drink is to be served in a real glass and with a napkin when the event is held indoors. In a private home, it can be served without that stirrer. In formal service it may be served from a bare tray.
The bar can be a sideboard credenza, a microwave table, a roll-in cart from Wally-Mar (get 2), or a raised table.  You may raise a table with pieces cut from PVC pipe.
Equipment for a Frugal Bar
For each bar have two to three bar spoons, bar towels, bottles, bottle stoppers, bottle washers, dishpans, (Turkey roasting pans), dish washing racks, funnels, glasses, glass dispensers, glass trays, jiggers, mixing glasses, pitchers, and strainers.

Fruit as Frugal Cocktail Food II Cooking 101 Strategies Professional & University Etiquette Provisioning

Bananas can be served alone whole, halved, or in quarters with or without the skin, or in slices. Bananas can be peeled and, sliced or not, stored in bags and frozen for use later. Peanut butter can be added to these on a bagel or bun, yum. Bananas can be separated into thirds lengthwise, just by pressing your finger in from the tip of one, and used as part of a topping.  (*1c 1c) Each can be coated with quick shell chocolate and rolled in nuts, and placed on wax paper in a refrigerator until it hardens. These can be eaten alone or cut up and placed in oatmeal or cereal. Everyone knows you can use these to make smoothies with berries. Bananas can be kept frozen separately, or covered in dark chocolate separately, and then frozen in packs. Bananas that are about to go soft can be added to a citrus salad.
Organic Berries can be full of fiber: listed as __#grams fiber per cup Acai, Blackberries (7.4gf), Blueberries (3.5gf), cranberries, and Raspberries (8gf).  
Organic strawberries are nice as cocktail foods. You can add to them whipped cream, cream, powdered sugar, syrup, and /or chocolate: outside and in or you may let them stand alone, and eat them by the stem.  You could serve strawberries with black pepper and vanilla. *8 c 1 cup 1 ¼ cup c 3.8gf.  You can store rinse strawberries in a bowl of water. Thanks Jeff. Get a small vegetable peeler to use to poke an opening in the back of berries so that dark chocolate can be inserted into them. You can dip them in quick shell chocolate, and place them on wax paper in the refrigerator until it hardens.
You could serve Mixed Berries or a mixed berry salad tossed with honey and lemon juice. Blue berries and strawberries cut in half make an awesome two-some on a plate. Informally, cut fruit and berries can be eaten and shared with toothpicks. Other fruits that can be served as cocktail food include
Red cherries, 
Citrus can be served as cocktail food: Citrus fruit is to be included in or before meals where possible. It can be squeezed in water or placed atop it.
Clementines, or
Grapefruit can be selected for morning, scored in quarters, and around the top, peeled, and eaten alone in wedges, or you can supreme grapefruit: cut the fruit of each segment. For lunch or at night, you can cut a grapefruit in half, cut the sides of each segment and top the fruit with brown sugar and almond flakes before setting it under a broiler for six minutes. This is more an appetizer than a cocktail food. Grapefruit can be used as a base for a great fruit salad. It is said grapefruit can help break down protein, eat what you can of the white part. Check with your doctor to see if this fruit and juice are to be avoided when taking medicine. 1c 1c.
Organic Lemons Organic Limes (You will like these best when you zest.)
Organic Nectarines and
Oranges can be cut or segmented and served.
1 citrus item counts as 1 cup. Organic is best for when you zest.

The Line to the Coffee Bar Cooking 101 Strategies - Professional & University Etiquette Provisioning Cooking 101 Strategies

Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
Etiquette Guide
The line to the coffee bar can be lead to a butler’s pantry, or to a bar, table, or desk. Each could be used to serve Black coffee. It can be served from a Classic coffee maker that shuts off automatically. You may use a coffee serving pot, a large thermos, or a carafe to serve coffee.
Learn to make a good cup of coffee. The Almon protocol is nine teaspoons of coffee per each eight cup pot. When alone, you can adjust and weaken this to your liking. I use five teaspoons. I drink a lot of coffee. The global protocol is one tablespoon of coffee grounds per three ounces of cold water. Do this only when you have wonderful pots like those used in Star (Str) coffee spots. On more than one occasion an espresso machine has been used to warm water for flavored instant coffee. For company you may get French Vanilla coffee. You could make or have it made with a French Press, or serve it as ice coffee. Know the discounts and coupons offered at each of your coffee spots.
Remember where refills can be had for free or for little money. Here is where you tip (when you can).
Ceramic teacups and saucers or informally mugs can be provided, handles pointed to four o’clock, and used to hold black coffee. You can preheat the serving pot, thermos, carafe or a cup by pouring hot water in it, letting it sit, and then pouring it out.
Informally, a personal size Sippy-glass may be used, with the lid removed indoors. Remember when it was a thermos, and it had its own cup with a handle? Real Sippy cups (for
children) still have handles. Now you get coffee in a paper glass: the new way you were taught to drink it, with a wrap around sleeve, unless you ask for a (cup of) coffee “for here,” (and get a ceramic cup and a saucer.) You can omit the saucer when coffee is served in a mug. I serve coffee in a 12oz stemmed iced tea/claret glass; hold it by the stem, does not spill when you walk, beats the hell out of cardboard or Styrofoam, but still its drinking coffee from a glass.