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Get a Better Windsor Tie Knot Length and Look Tying Ties to Men's Business Suits Men's Business Dress Etiquette Professional & University Etiquette

Outclass the Competition
by Harold Almon

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Men's Business Dress Outclass the Competition

A Full Windsor knot is best suited with a spread collar and for when you are short: need a good knot and less tie. Short form:

1. Wrap the tie around itself up through and down to back.

2. Switch hands. Then other side up through and down to back.

3. Next, go around, up through to the front, in the hole, and then down.

Long form:

1. Wrap the larger end around the back of the smaller end, and then to the front. Hold it at the wrap around point (high up near your neck.)

2. Flip the larger end over the wrapped point and pull it to the back. Switch hands.

3. Pull the larger end tight. Then, flip it up and back through the top area, to the back.

4. Now wrap the larger end around the front to the back of the smaller end.

5. Flip it up and through to the front. Then put the tip through the noose at the front top opening.

6. Pull the larger end through the knot, while holding the knot at the bottom. Check the bottom, the split angles at the side are to meet, or try again, or if the back end of your tie is too high – take a class.

7. Now finesse that knot. Use the other hand to pull and shape the tie knot by pulling the large end of the tie. Place a dimple in the center of the tie right below the knot or remove it with your fingers. (Grab the sides of it at the top and turn them either in or out.) Once you can tie a knot practice tying a tie knot better.

8. Angle the bottom of the knot a bit upwards towards your chin. Pretend that it just does not matter.

There is a knot called the Pratt Shelby. It looks like a Windsor in its finish. If provides for extra length, if you have need of it. It is suited for when you are husky or tall: nice looking knot, more tie.

Get a Better Windsor Tie Knot Length and Look
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