Saturday, February 14, 2015

Men's Valentine's Day Etiquette 2016 Sunday Begins on Friday

Over the Counter Etiquette
by Harold Almon
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

Valentines Day is Sunday. Flowers are to be sent to work on Friday. Who is she going to show her bouquet to? And ..gush about you to? (No it does not have to be a dozen. It can be a single red rose, you may follow up with ones you have waiting for her at home. Monday, she will tell them so.)

There can be dark chocolates, enough for her to share with folks at the office.) and a few to share with you.

There may be a card that on the front side says, “From Your Valentine:” or “For my Valentine.” On the inside it can say, “ I….. You. Honor, Appreciate, Thank, Crave, and Love. - Insert word at will. I do." Etiquette: Happy Valentines Day can be written on the back of the card, the card is to go inside an envelope: "your name" can go on the flap.

Saturday: Balloons could be tied at the door with a note that says, “Love lives within.” This night

You could run a bubble bath: if she never takes it.

download a movie, something she would like.

There is to be dinner in a restaurant. It is she who will want to show off her peacock (you). Etiquette: her seat is to be so she can see the front door and the center of the room, and vice versa. Get a paper copy of the menu that you both can sign, date, and title, Dinner with my Valentine. 

Sunday -There is to be Breakfast in bed on a tray.  The menu: Juice and something sparkling, it can be in the juice, Crescents, Cream Cheese and fruit with berries and Crème, – on a tray. Oh yes and coffee, French Vanilla. – and chocolate chips. A menu card may list the courses for her. A rose is to go in a bud vase or to be lain across the tray:  Etiquette: A tray for someone is to have a place mat on it - It can be made of paper, ( like at Jacks.)

There is to be time to sleep in. – to cuddle outside of the bed, - and to take that walk ‘cause you promised.

There is to be food from a restaurant ordered in (the restaurant will need the seats, or a rest from yesterday.) It can be a picnic on the floor in front of the TV: I would say fireplace,- and maybe, but this too is a movie down load night.

Food: Your caterer can be a local restaurant or grocery store. It can be a Coupon Dinner for Two… Served on a plate. Cut in half. There is to be something to drink with that. Blanc de Blanc, or it can be "Virgin."

There is to be dessert: A Milk shake with White Chocolate & Raspberries, in a glass & Coffee, in a cup: & Cherry almond Biscotti. You get my drift.

Candles: Candle are to be Red and White. Wicks are to be pre-lit, put out, and then ready to be lit again, or  the batteries are to be new, where safety is an issue. 

Rose pedals will be needed for her place setting along with something small and stuffed. For now, establish a cover: a place setting for one. Then make another. – Next to each place setting you may place a piece of chocolate, and a  menu card you made for a memento. (Sign this one too at the end of the night.) 

There is to be rose pedals placed inside the pillow, so that when laundry is done, the day is remembered.

There is to be a mint- what’s next goes best without bad breath…

There is to be sleep…write a note, it could say, “You should be sleepy, I have loved and wore you out all day.

This year Valentines Day is Sunday.  Take the cell. – Call someone, or write a note by hand; it is the day you get to say,

For My Valentine
You should know
I would defy law
stay away from war
and risk death by an Emperor
for the privilege of marrying you (again.)

Happy Valentines Day
Did I tell you
I would give up war
for the opportunity
of marrying you -
I do.

It is how the day got started, if the rumors are true.

Set the stage, a little each day. Remember your rule and role. You are still a prince. Practice.  Practice. V day begins on Friday.