Friday, September 1, 2017

Eti - Q Test 9-12 The Line to the Table University Etiquette Business Dining Thing to Learn and Do

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
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9. Station 4. The Line to the Table.     Learn seats of honor:  learn who should get the first seat of honor at a table. Review the  Plan de table. Know where to stop at a table. You can be responsible for approval of Table Seating Arrangements Name Place Cards,Colors, in addition to a Pledge of Allegiance to a host nation (hands at your side), unless also a citizen (hand over heart), the host's anthem/Song, the Company song, prayer, toast or response, party favors,  promotional items and action items. 
10. Station 4.Table Talk and Prayer.    Do table introductions. Prepare for conversation. Talk about things other than work (unless it is the purpose for the meal). Talk, some food can still be in your mouth. In business, keep the people at your table company. (Remember, for some, your conversation is the entertainment.)
At a family meal know an invocation acceptable to your host’s culture. Someone may say, would you care to say a prayer? Practice Golden Silence:  Have nothing to say for thirty seconds (at a time). Know what to do when someone stops to visit you at table; get up.
11.     Know the standard USA menu number and order of courses. Know the rules of Menus and formatting Menu Cards. Learn what to do after reading that reusable menu. Notes to self, if a menu in not Prix Fixe, order something you know how to eat. Start eating meals by courses.  Stop eating meals in piles.  Avoid spending your whole life needing only one fork and knife.
12. Maintain your cover:  place setting for one, or establish one in symmetry. A cover is to be free of books, a hat, a backpack technology, and personal effects. Throughout the meal; avoid adding personal items: Consider your cell phone as you would a gun. Keep it holstered (off of the table) and know everyone has one. Leave the centerpiece alone. Avoid eating out of a container or bucket when you can ask for a plate. Avoid choosing plastic flatware over a metal fork and knife. 

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