Friday, September 1, 2017

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While eating in company, there are things you want to avoid. Here are some of them.
1. In cocktail service, avoid using a napkin to wrap around your glass or drinking from a stirrer.
2. At table, avoid picking up your napkin until the senior person does so, or touching your food until you receive a signal to dig in.
3. During the meal, avoid wrapping your arm around your plate, eating with your elbows on the table, talking with your mouth too full, slurping, being picky, placing a whole spoon bowl in your mouth, leaving your spoon in your soup bowl or cup when the course is finished, pouring sauce from a sauce boat, using a knife as you would use a saw, placing the knife and fork like a pair of oars, looking like a duck: leaning over your plate each time you take in food, smacking your lips, ignoring your meal partners, wiping your mouth with a napkin in one hand, while holding a spoon, knife, or fork in the other, gesticulating with a fork or knife.
Avoid taking your time, sharing meals" in business, " or asking to, eating everything on your plate, not knowing the company song, not dancing, asking to take any food home with you, placing the napkin on your plate, or in your glass, stacking plates or handing them to any serving staff, pushing a plate away from you (when you are finished,) leaning back in your chair, chewing gum anytime, leaving the table before you are excused, staying in the room when someone says, "We need to take a five to ten minute break," and
4. Taking this all too seriously. (Trust me.)

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