Friday, September 1, 2017

Interview Dining Etiquette A Main Course Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette Professional and College & University Etiquette Dining 101

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
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A main course is to be
1. A (Roti) of roasted meat or poultry item.
2. A fish item can be served as a main course item.
3. Tofu may be served as a main course.
4. A baked vegetable item could be served as one.
Each main course is to be eaten using a knife and a fork.
1. It is to be cut, sliced, and eaten from the "Work" area of the plate: the portion closest to the table. The fork is to be used to hold the item in place. The item is to be cut, across the grain, into manageable portions one or two pieces at a time.
2. When the main course item is meat or poultry it can be pressed with a knife to cut the item, and flicked towards the fork and away from any bone present all at one time, and then cut again as each piece is desired during the course of the meal.
Any bone, skin, gristle, and any unwanted portion may be pressed and cut away, picked up by using a fork, or a fork and a knife, and placed to the left side of the plate. At a table, avoid using your fingers to pick up the bone(s) of a meat or poultry item to eat or to gnaw at any remaining meat.

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