Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eti - Q Test Ques 2 Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining and Business Dining 101 Things to Learn and Do Link Manners to Etiquette Outclass the Competition

Dining Stations and Lines;. Station 1. The Meeting Line. Be punctual, __________ whatever this means in your community.     

The Line to Presents (Occasionally show up _________.)  You may be the present. You could bring personality to the table. Have one story (one or two prepared that can be shared. You might bring a card game, or know one that can be played.

A guest has been seen invited to an event to be a role model. Someone is waiting for you to show someone else how to ask, “How can I be of help? Volunteer to help set a table, eat in a established style, clear a table, ask where each item is to be placed, help wash dishes, offer to strip and remake a station, call and say thank you, or send a thank you note.  Most have someone in training.

Station 2. Name Badge Placement. Get a name badge holder.  You can get name badge holder with a clip, pin, or magnet; not crazy about cords. You may get two, each in a different size.  Know where to wear that name badge_____  Note Family Feud name badge placement.  Get a name badge for you and your guest, and/or the envelope with your name on it, containing your table assignment and the name of the person you are to "Take in to dinner."

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