Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eti - Q Test 4a-8 Walk and Hold a Cup and Saucer with one Hand University Etiquette Business Dining 101

4a.  Learn how to walk and hold a saucer with a cup with one hand. Lift the cup using _____. Pour liquid into your mouth, from your wrist. Practice in a Coffee house  Get French Press.Sugar cubes, or packets, never use more than two.  Milk is optional.  Use a napkin.
5. Handling Cocktail Food. Learn to survive a business party:  how to hold a ____,_____,and ____ in your _______ _____, functionally.      
6. Mock tail Introductions  Do introductions (correctly, ________ then ________ or_________ to _______________.
7. Notes on Handshaking Shake hands the right way _______________________ Note the Boys and Girls Club logo.
8. Having Cards Getting Cards and Using Business Cards  
Business mock-tail parties are different from social cocktail parties in their blunt honesty about their purpose: to give and to receive cards.   Mingle. Be good company. Get cards you want.  Ask, “Do you have a card?” When someone gives you a business card take time to look at it: as if to give approval; say something nice when you can. When you get a card, have a card to give in kind.  You can say, “I am temporarily out”   followed with “I’m sorry.”  I will email you my contact information. Your note can say, Subj: “RE: Our Introduction” Message: “Nice Meeting you on .... at........” You can attach a copy of your resume or profile. Make the person a telephone contact.    


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