Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eti - Q Test 13-19 Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining and Business Dining 101 Things to Learn and Do Link Manners to Etiquette Outclass the Competition

13. Rules for Setting A Place Setting for One  - with Spoons: A folded napkin, six letters (C-E-N-T-E-R,) is to be placed center a place setting or plate in absence of a first course. For special occasions it can be seventeen to twenty-two inches square folded in a signature fold. A folded napkin can be placed to the left of the forks when a first course is to be in place.
14. Napkin rules. A napkin is to be used to signal when eating is to begin. When seated at a table, after the invocation or someone says, "Please enjoy your dinner," and after the lead of the hostess a senior person at the table know that  a napkin is to be picked up and placed under the table onto your lap prior to eating or drinking anything.  It can be placed on your lap fold towards you, for dinner size napkins: seventeen to twenty-two to inches, or entirely open for lunch size napkins: fifteen inches or less. It may be quartered for breakfast and for Continental or fast food.  One corner of the napkin is to be used to correct conditions at table disturbed by the act of eating. One corner of the napkin can be used to blot (touch) the mouth gently prior to taking a sip (pour) of any beverage. 
 15.     Rules for Bread and Butter      Avoid bread until you receive________________________; remember bread is not a first course   Avoid leaving ___________  in bread that you are eating.
Sliced bread is not correctly to be dipped into soup.  Bread is to be eaten with the right hand, not the free hand, understand?   
16. When under a roof,__________ is to be at table “Water for here” is to be served in a glass as a sign of hospitality. A water glass is to be placed to the right of the plate space above the tip of the knife. Yes, this is your glass.  In a private home, each water goblet is to be filled ¾ full prior to the time people come to the table. In a commercial dining room, water is to be served, after people are seated.  Look for drinks to be served from the _______ (refreshing.). Get no more than two refills of water.
17. Rules for Using Salt   _____________ before adding salt or pepper except for a baked potato, a boiled egg, celery,  corn on the cob, radishes, or salad. Salt that is to be needed for dipping can be placed on the side of the place plate. Salt is to be used sparingly, especially when the cook/host or hostess is sitting at the table.  When there is a request to, “Pass the salt,” _________ holders are to be passed and set in front of the next person.
18.     Setting an Advanced Formal Place Setting Rules to Know for Using Flatware: there is a flatware rule of three: no more than three items of flatware of any one kind are to be placed in any place setting at any one time, and  the rule of ten. ________  The butter spreader and plate are omitted.
19. Being Excruciatingly Fork Literate. Know which fork to use and when and how: name six forks. Know each course._____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________.

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