Sunday, October 7, 2018

Pre Dinner Drink Napkin Rules Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
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1.     A pre-dinner drink glass is to be given in a glass with a cocktail napkin. OK then, ask for, or go get one. In formal tray service, the glass (with or without a napkin) is considered given when the tray is offered.
2.     In a commercial bar, the drink glass and napkin are considered given when set center the space in front of the person who ordered it. At a table it is set or a napkin or coaster to the right of the last glass. Both items can be served by being given directly to you or directly to the person who requested it. In formal service, this practice is to be avoided.

3.     At a business social party, know what to do with that cocktail napkin. When standing away from a bar, the cocktail napkin is to be picked up and placed on your left hand between the index and middle finger. It can be held between the middle and ring fingers. It may be placed on top of a bar or on a table. It is to be used and treated as both a napkin and a coaster. A napkin has been seen used as a sleeve wrapped around a glass. – Avoid doing this. Away from a bar, a napkin is to be in your hand before you stand and drink anything. The napkin is to be held under the glass without touching it. A napkin may be rested atop a drink that is to be temporarily left. A napkin left under a glass unattended could be removed with it. When at a bar, when a drink is finished it is to be reset on the cocktail napkin to indicate that both can be taken away. At a table, the cocktail napkin and the glass are to be taken away from the place setting position in which it was set.

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