Saturday, October 6, 2018

Butter in Business Dining Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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Butter is to be served in a butter crock set on a table without an underlying plate. It is one of three items allowed to be placed directly on a table that is not a glass or a plate.
A butter knife (with a point) is to be used to serve butter to a plate. Then the knife is to be placed across the top of the crock.
Casually, butter can be transferred to a B&B plate using a butter spreader (with a rounded top.)
In informal service, each person can take butter from the serving dish with his or her butter spreader. A butter spreader is to be used only for the dressing of breads. It can be rested across the top of a bread and butter plate, blade parallel with the edge of the table or handle at four o'clock. It may be placed with the handle pointed to one o’clock. (Few do this.) Casually, butter can be spread onto bread with a clean place knife. Commercially, butter can be pre-set at each setting; bread may be served already buttered.
At a formal meal, butter is to be omitted, as well as the bread and butter plate, and the butter spreader.

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