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Wine can be served by the glass or by bottle presented at the
table. Wine may be served by a Sommelier (wine steward) or by someone designated to do so by the management. In a private home, wine is to be served by a host or by someone designated to do so by the host. The host can ask a man at the other end of the table to "Do the honors.” Each glass can be filled half full, without being lifted from the table. Look for drinks to be served from the right (refreshing.) Informally, wine can be served Family style. It may be passed counterclockwise and each person at the table pours wine into his or her glass. This is usually done only among families. The wine holder and the wine bottle remain on the table until after the meal is over. The bottle can be removed when it is empty. It is to be replaced with a second bottle of the same wine. It can be replaced with a slightly different or slightly heavier variety. Note: To indicate that wine service is to be omitted, a guest can wave two fingers at the rim of the glass, or mouth the words, "No thank you" A cupped hand to the chest and eyes closed can do the same. A guest may limit the amount of wine to be poured with a pinch of the index finger and the thumb; this to ensure the host knows that service was not missed. A guest is to avoid cupping a hand over a glass or turning one upside down.

To Take a Drink of Wine

1. Place your eating implements in the rest position for style in which you are eating. Pat or blot your mouth with the corner of your napkin. Place your napkin back on your lap.

2. Pick up the glass by the stem with the right hand, elbow down and in, and wrist to hand take it to the mouth and take a sip (pour) of the drink. (Avoid the crane.)

3. The rest and finished position for the glass is in the table setting position for it.

4. When someone else is paying for the wine, it is to be sipped, at will, but savored. The wineglass is to be refilled each time it appears to be empty. Take your time.

5. The server is to refill each wineglass without the guest having to ask. It is to be refilled in the same manner as it was first filled.

Virgin wine, sparkling water, or cider could be served in lieu of wine.

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