Sunday, October 7, 2018

Vegetable Items in Formal Service Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining

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In formal service, two vegetable items are to be served with the main course. A knife and fork can be used to eat vegetables in the Continental style. A vegetable item may be eaten by being incorporated onto a fork with a meat item prior to it being taken to the mouth. 
An artichoke served as a side dish is to be eaten with the fingers.
1. The leaves are pulled off one at a time and dipped in butter before the meat at the tip of the leaf is pulled through your teeth. Avoid trying to eat the whole leaf.
2. A knife is to be used to scrape off the fuzzy part of the heart. The rest of it can be cut and eaten with a knife and fork.
Asparagus tips served as a side dish without a sauce can be eaten by picking a spear up with your fingers and taking it to your mouth. Asparagus served with a sauce, is to be eaten with a knife and a fork. You can cut off each tip with a fork and take it to your mouth. Then the shortened stalk could be picked up with your fingers. However, if you do this at a restaurant or dinner party, it may make you go from being a guest to being entertainment. Some people may not want to eat asparagus in public. For some, it has a side effect. It can make their urine odoriferous within thirty minutes.

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