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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach -
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
A pre-dinner drink can be omitted at a bar and offered at a table. It is called an aperitif: (an appetite starter.) It is to be placed to the right of all other glasses.
In a commercial dining room, a pre-dinner drink is to be placed atop a cocktail napkin when it is served, rested or finished. It and this glass may be removed when the drink is finished. Now, remember, put it on your chair seat and “Go wash your hands and get ready to come to or stay at the table.” A guest may be heard to say, “Please order me a drink. I’II be right back,” or “Where can I wash my hands.” A guest could wait to do this until after reading or ordering from a reusable menu. Once someone does this, expect the next act: a visit to the bathroom; it is station six.
Which Drinks’ Mine
It is my wish to assist you in locating the drink which is yours and knowing which drink is mine.
1. “With each hand make an OK sign.
2. Place each hand on the table.
3. Left to right – where you see the “b” is the side for your bread. Where you see “d” is the side for your drink.”
4. To the subject say, “Good night.” That glass to your right is yours. This one is mine.
Avoid making the OK sign in public at other times.
Avoid adding a straw or lid to any glass “For here” to be used inside. Straws can be used in a container or can anywhere. Remember the sign; beverages are to be taken up from the right side using the right hand.
To Take a Drink
When at table, place your eating implements in the rest position for style in which you are eating. Pat the napkin to your lips and place it back on your lap. Then, elbows down and in, take a drink.
Avoid being at table drink in one hand and napkin or food in the other.

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