Saturday, October 6, 2018

Special Ways to Say Thank You Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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Special Ways to Say Thank You. When you were the guest of honor,
1. You can send flowers with a card to say, "Thank you" and that you, "Had a wonderful time." “So and so and I enjoyed ourselves at dinner last night" and "We both thank you very much." When an event was a joint guest-spouse one, the note is to be written, and any present sent, by the spouse.
2. When you are paying for meal, in a commercial dining room, you can say thank you to a server verbally and by leaving a tip. Be careful about eating in places where tipping seems to be mandatory (coffee shops,) prohibited, or optional. When you advance to eating in upscale dining rooms, the servers will not understand. Here, the server is taxed on a percent of your bill. It can cost her or him to serve you.
The tip is to be minimum 15% of the total bill minus tax. An increased tip can be provided for exceptional service. When a host says, “I got that.” The reply is to be, “Thank you.” (This is the  second part of the first half of saying thank you.
The second part of the second half here spoken or unspoken is to remember, “Come again,” or reciprocity.

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