Saturday, October 6, 2018

Provide or Exchange Contact Information Business Dining Etiquette University Etiquette

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Plan on how to provide or exchange contact information. Wait until it or a card is offered by the senior person. Always accept contact information; a way to say thanks.
In a cross-cultural environment, have bi-lingual cards. Give these cards with two hands, host language side up.
You can use a wireless application to exchange contact information. Before you give contact information update your email address and website address. Ensure each is appropriate for the recipient.
You can decide to be prepared with more than having cards. You could send an email to your phone which has your contact information, and an attached updated profile, or bio-benefit resume ready to forward for the asking.
You could exchange contact information by having the person use your telephone to call their telephone, and then establish you as a contact. Next, establish that person as a contact. 
You could get a number, call, and then establish that person as a contact.  Go to “Recents” and mark the event under “Notes” the same as you would mark the back of a card. This is the new old school.

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