Saturday, October 6, 2018

Practice Writing Mock Thank You Notes Business Dining Etiquette University Etiquette

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Practice writing mock thank you notes. You can send a copy to yourself.   Each note can contain a phrase about what was said at or what was enjoyed most about the event. You may say, "Thank you for the invitation to such a splendid event," or "Thank you for such and such entertainment." You could say, "Many thanks for the excellent lunch yesterday. It was great catching up with you." Your card could include a phrase such as, "We will have to do it again real soon," or "I know that it will not be long before we have to do “so and so” again. I'll call you in a few weeks to set a place and time." In etiquette, two sentences can be a note. The host and/or hostess will know that you know that the next time it is your time to pay for the event and/or the entertainment. The line to reciprocity is to ultimately lead to the meeting line located wherever you choose to hold your own activity. Your thank you might be said by a telephone call the next day or very soon after the event, but to whom can the receiver show your thank you call? Avoid using e-mail for a thank you note, a love note, or to extend an expression of sympathy, when you can. When you do, you may send a follow-up note: the same note written by hand. Now home with you to write your Thank you notes, or at least the drafts; save a copy; do your business card reviews, and make notes in your log or journal, so that you have something to review prior to seeing the same people again.

Practice writing thank you cards. How else can you cultivate that wonderful memory and pretend that you are not keeping track?  For a thank you note from you someone may wait for up to a year.   

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