Sunday, October 7, 2018

Practice Saying, "Thank you" Part II A Note by Hand Using Personal Cards Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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The second half of saying “Thank You” is done is two parts, part a. written acknowledgment, (and part b. reciprocity.) Say, "Thank You," in person, then say thank you again, via a note by hand.  Practice saying, "Thank you." You can send the host or hostess a nice but short note for every event you attend, where work, or payment, was not required.  A thank you note may be written using a visiting card, business card, personal paper, or on a small plain piece of paper. I have received one thank you note written on graph paper, and another written on a brown paper bag.
Men use no card with a bend. A man is to avoid using any fold-over card, indented correspondence card, or one with a border. A pre-printed thank you card is to be avoided by everyone. A man may write “Thank you” on the back of a correspondence card. A handwritten note may be written on the front. Get and use correspondence cards with matching envelopes, forever stamps, and a disposable university fountain pen. You could use a blank 4 X 6 index card with an Invitation Envelope.   Place your return address on the envelope back flap.
A woman may write a thank you note on a correspondence card.  She could write "Thank you" on the front of a blank foldover card and a handwritten note on the third page of the card. It might be written on the second and third page. Practice writing mock thank you notes. Send yourself a copy. For reciprocity, a man can wait a lifetime. For a thank you note he may wait for up to a year.   Remember reciprocity, where required is to be in-kind.  Read and research as much as possible about the culture in which you will be the host.

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