Saturday, October 6, 2018

In Informal Service, a Starch Item and a Vegetable Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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In informal service, a starch item and can be served with a vegetable. Corn on the cob as a side dish is to be eaten while being held with the fingers of the left and right hand. Avoid using those pins to stick into each end of the cob. A meat knife can be used to dress corn: add butter, pepper, and salt. It is then set in the rest position for it.
1. The cob is to be taken to the mouth and the corn eaten a few rows at a time.
2. The dressing process can be repeated for the rest of the dish.
3. At a formal meal, another item can replace each listed dish. A baked potato is to be eaten using a knife and fork. The knife is to be held in the right hand and used to make an incision lengthwise and crosswise. Then it is placed in the rest position for it. Note: A clean fork, not a butter spreader, is to be used to place butter into a baked potato and onto other vegetables. Add butter to vegetables only if you wish to let the hostess know that a less than adequate job was done in the kitchen. Serving dishes and implements can be used to add sour cream and chives to a baked potato. Then the fork is used to separate and eat the meat from the inside of the potato or to eat the skin right along with the potato. A fork and knife can be used to cut the potato into manageable bites one or two pieces at a time. Risotto is be eaten by using a fork or a spoon to push the grains of cooked rice out slightly toward the edge of the bowl, then eating only from the pulled out ring. The course is continued by spreading from the center and eating around the edges in a circle. This will keep it hot – in theory. In a commercial dining room only, a vegetable item could be served in a side cup. It might be eaten from this dish. It has been seen transferred to a main course plate and eaten from it. Omit from using a side cup in a private home.

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