Saturday, October 6, 2018

Handling a Napkin in Business Dining Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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A napkin can be tucked in at the neck by you or any person eating a full lobster dinner and/or when you are sitting next to anyone else who is trying to, especially when lobster bibs have been omitted. It may be placed at the neck of anyone eating on an airplane whenever they want. If you’re wearing a tie, this beats throwing the tips over your shoulder. At all other times, a napkin is to be placed on a lap.
A napkin can be used to pick up a piece of chicken or meat you dropped on your host's floor. Yes, if a replacement piece is not offered you can eat the one dropped, (but only at a host's home.) You can starve anywhere. In a commercial dining room, a napkin is used to cover something that dropped on a floor, leave both there. Ask the host for a new napkin. He will call a service person. The server can use the napkin to lift up whatever it was that was dropped. When you are the host, tip this person as if you are grateful.

The napkin may be used by a server to fold it into a fancy fold to present you with mints and your check. If no other service was performed, you might provide your usual tip. In fast food service, everyone deserves a minimum, a napkin. It can be used to practice for when you give a dinner party and to distinguish its use from a paper towel. While a napkin may be used to crumb a table and to hold under a plate held in the left hand on the way to the trash can. Even a paper napkin deserves a better fate than being stuffed into a glass.

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