Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pace Yourself Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
Pace yourself. Eat each course in such a manner as to finish it along with the person to your right. A host or hostess is to eat at a pace to keep company with the slowest guest. – You can listen to digestion.
In public, leave a little something of each course on your plate, and of each drink in each glass. Place food not eaten in an appropriate section.
Avoid sharing food even at a request. Even if done correctly you could still fail this test. Avoid seconds in any home not your own. Eating is not the reason for the meeting.
Leave your telephone on vibrate, in a pocket, out of sight, and ready to send contact information. If you must leave the table, do so between courses, where possible.
Each course plate (and centerpiece) is to be left in a picture ready condition. When a course is finished.
1. Flatware is to be placed in the finished position for the style in which you are eating. The flatware that was used is to be removed with the plate. Real trash can be placed under the left section of the plate, picked up and placed in the left hand,  and taken under the plate.
2. Leave each course plate in position until it is removed by a waitperson or replaced by the next plate. Look for the plate to be removed from the right (retrieving.)

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