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Normally station three, the line to the bar, leads to an area set in the corner of a room. It can be an area for secondary introductions.  At the bar, a host will most likely call on someone to prepare a pre-dinner drink for you. At a no-host event, you will order and get a pre-dinner drink for yourself after you have said, "Hello" and "How are you" to people near you.
Something to Drink
Someone will say, “What can I get you?”  It is the same as “What drink can you order,” that you can call by name?
A pre-dinner drink is called an aperitif: used to stimulate an appetite. It could be made available at a bar or at the table. Common choices are Campari, Champagne, Dubonnet, Lillet, Tequila, and Vermouth.
During mock-tail hour. You may have
Water Always (Sparkling-mineral) or (Tap – flat) w/ lime/lemon/juice or a twist (in a rock glass)
Soda w a twist   (Club soda with a lime in a rock glass)     
A Soft Drink Sometimes (Roy Rogers in a rock glass)
Fruit-juice (Cranberry with a twist (in a rock glass)
Alcohol Never  (Except for the 1 when you ought)
Shots (Rarely ever) (Never.)
You might have a mock-alcohol drink: a Non-alcoholic” or “Zero proof.”  one.  A“Virgin (something) drink” is just easier to say.
During cocktail hour when a drink ought to be alcoholic, get a   Gin and Tonic (or Gin and Soda) with a twist. Be aware of the sugar in the tonic water. You may get a Martini with an olive or twist, Gin: Tanqueray Ten, or Vodka: Belvedere, or stay the course, and get yourself a soda with a lime twist (in a rock glass.) Squeeze the lime and put it in the glass.

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