Sunday, October 7, 2018

Eti-Q Test 1 Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
What they say, "Everyone eats this way."  Ok then,  get etiquette, outclass the competition. Two pre-steps: RSVP    Accept the ‘kind’ invitation, and identify meal restrictions.   Note the dress request.  In addition to the universal rule for eating in company, "_(Eat Something)  after you leave home.” Get coupons and get directions.
Because the more you climb the corporate ladder the more dining protocols matter; there comes a time to transcend coffee shop habits and dining hallways and to display rules of etiquette for business dining. It is a ritual at which more than eating is done. On the way to the top, there are stations and lines at which to stop. 
Station 1. The Meeting Line
1.       Be punctual, __________ whatever this means in your community.      (Occasionally show up _________.)
Station 2. Name Badge Placement
2. Know where to wear that name badge__________________. Get a name badge holder.
Station 3. Something to Drink
3.       Know how to respond to an offer of an alcoholic drink. During daylight, order a___________ over a “Non-Alcoholic one.” It is just easier to say. A juice can be a substitute for an alcoholic drink. Know “What can I get you,” and what it will cost.   Know what to do with that cocktail napkin______________.  4.     Learn to hold a glass by ________.  Lift the glass with the ____________.  
 Avoid the crane; drink without poking someone in the eye; keep your elbows and arms down close to your sides while taking a drink from a glass. When not drinking, keep your ________ warm, dry, and free. Appear to be drinking less than the host, hostess, or person who is picking up the tap. At an evening event, make any drink Virgin (especially after your first.) (And ______________ before you come to or stay at the table.)  5 .       Learn to survive a business party: hold a napkin, glass, and plate in ________hand functionally. 

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