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The First Seat Honor at Table Professional College and University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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At a dinner, the first seat to be assigned at a table is the seat of honor. It is to allow a person in it to see the main entrance door, kitchen door, and the center and far back side of the room. It can allow the person in it to have his or her back to a wall in the room in which the event will be held. This seat is the head of the table.
1. A host/ hostess or escort is to be assigned to each table. As a rule of thumb, the host (HT) is to get the first seat. When the hostess (HTS) is to serve the meal her back is to be to the kitchen door depending on the room. Guests at a table are honored by their seating assignment.2. In a commercial dining room, the first seat of honor is where to place the official host. Socially it can be where to place the person held in the highest esteem at an event: man number one (M1,) or woman number one (W1.) It is where to place a date.
In business, this can be where to place the most senior person, the person holding the highest official rank (unless waived,) or where to place the guest of honor. To do this, the host or hostess can move one place to the left from the seat of honor when that guest is of the opposite sex. He or she may move across from the seat of honor when the person is of the same sex or a senior person. This is done to give high honor to a guest.In a private home, the seat at the head of the table is for the host. He can relinquish this seat only to honor a head of state, or (when alone) a date.

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