Saturday, October 6, 2018

Station One - The Meeting Line Professional College & University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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The meeting line begins from thirty feet out and ends at the front door. It is where you meet people or assemble before calling on the event host or hostess or a commercial host. It is here, that someone from the inside can get a first glimpse at you.
1. Be punctual. Arrive, “Just in time,” whatever this means in your community. You can get there early and wait in the car, or take a walk around the block.
2. In a commercial dining establishment, open the door for any person with you. Give each revolving door a push. Step back. Let each senior person (regardless of gender) enter the door before you do.
3. Remember, it is the right of a host to enter a doorway (or elevator) last. Know when to hold to your position and when to give up the fight.
The Line to Presents in Business Dining
Occasionally show up with a present. A guest is to take a present to the hostess of any event where he or she did not have to work or pay to attend.
The present is to be carried by the senior male guest when in tandem and is to be given to the hostess (when there is one.) Avoid the expecting receiver always being able to say, "Here he comes again, one hand just as long as the other.”
Presents can be excepted at events where you had to pay to attend, when you are there to do work, and when you are a single male, or you are young. Avoid pushing the latter two rules. A table for presents can be excepted.

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