Saturday, October 6, 2018

Notes to Self Professional College & University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

Get Etiquette Outclass the Competition
Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

Eat a little something after leaving home. Before eating at a meal where you will be viewed, you can use that two for one fast food coupon. Eating is not to be the reason for the meeting.
Know the number and menu order of courses in a meal. Order something easy to eat when you can; know how to eat “Chicken” with a knife and a fork. Pre-study menus online or on site.
Establish or maintain your place setting or cover throughout the meal; leave the centerpiece alone. Avoid adding personal items: books, a hat, a backpack, or technology as a part of a cover.
Look for food to be served (counter-clockwise) from the left (leaving,) and plates to be removed right (retrieving.) Say, “May I” “Please” “Bless you” “Thank you” and “Welcome” where appropriate. Pass items to the right where applicable.

Take small amounts of food. Eat in courses over eating in piles. Avoid taking too little, or too much, or more in visual calories than those dining around you. Try a little of everything unless restricted by religion, health, or culture. Wait for most everyone to be served before beginning eating.

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