Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rules for Saying Thank You Part I Professional College and University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

 The first half of saying “Thank You” is acknowledgment. It is done in two parts (attendance: meeting expectations and verbal acknowledgment. Part a.: physical attendance: you have shown up and have meet expectations.
Part b. a verbal thank you; for every event you attend where you did not have to work or pay to attend there is to be verbal acknowledgment, say thank you to the host or hostess in person.
You can say, "Thank you for inviting me", or "Thank you for a wonderful evening." Make it so that your host or hostess is able to say, "I am so glad that you came."
You are still here: no one has said “I am so “very” glad you came. Hearing, “I am so “very” glad that you came,” is not the same thing.
In a commercial environment, when you receive food raw, well done, brunt, stale, old, or salted like a pretzel, you can save a piece (and take a picture) in case you want to tell someone later.
When not at a business dinner, you can send a portion back to be packed “To go” so you can do something with it later: have it to make a stew for the host, or a gift for the health department.
There is more than one way to say, “Thank you so very much, for having me.”

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