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Station Eight The Line to Good-bye Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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The line to "Good-bye" leads to acknowledgment. It is used by each guest to say goodbye to the host and hostess. A guest can say, "Thank you for inviting me," or "Thank you for a wonderful evening." Make it so that your host or hostess is able to say, “I am so glad you came.” Avoid having to hear one say, “I am so very glad you came.” It is not the same thing. The line to goodbye can be started by any person who has just received his or her glass of grapefruit juice, prune juice, or water. Each is a universal item served to indicate, "It is time to go now." Know a good time to leave when you drink one. The event is over
1. Right after the "Grapefruit juice, Prune juice, and Water Course."
2. It is over, whenever the host or hostess gives a signal that says so. In a private home, the host or hostess may yawn.
3. An event with entertainment is over whenever the orchestra or Disc Jockey plays any musical selection that contains the words, "Good night sweetheart," or “It is time to go now." Leave a maximum of forty-five minutes after the time stated on the invitation or forty-five minutes after dessert. Allow a maximum of four hours to any night event. For almost three hours will do
4. In official life, the guest of honor must leave before others are free to do so.
5. In social life, company must leave before a guest of honor is free also.
6. Remember to take all of your belongings with you, including your party favor.

Get the Menu Card signed. List the names of people you have met and to who are owed a note saying, “Thank you.” O.K. now is the time to enjoy that signature candy that was placed in that dish or added to your place setting.  Breathe and revel in your new beginnings. “Education and sophistication are the air in which you rise.” The pump is a dinner table.  You know your ascension has begun when someone says to you more than once, “Let’s do lunch.”

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