Sunday, October 7, 2018

Station Six – The Line to the Bathroom Professional & University Etiquette Business Dining

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The line to the bathroom is to be used to lead people to the best looking bathroom in the house by the most direct route. A bathroom can be used before one comes to the table. It may be used after ordering a drink at any place serving as a bar.
 The trip can begin with the statement, “I’II be right back,” or with the question, “Where can I wash my hands,” after reading any reusable menu. Expect a visit to station six: the bathroom.  At a banquet, during the intermission, this is where you can take that five to ten-minute break. It could be used to allow each person to make repairs to body, mind, and/or make up, to check nails, and to mark cards. In a private home, upon entering the bathroom
1. Lock the door. If you are modest, (or well bred,) you can turn on the water.
2. While inside, strive to eliminate any odor not considered desirable. You can light a single sulfur match (if anyone still has them.) Blow it out. Hold it until the smoke dissipates and then deposit it in an ashtray or in the toilet and flush. You may search for and use an air freshener to spray the water in a short burst. (Yes, it works.) I hide it at the back of the toilet. Spray the water and then under the seat. You could spray it with a breath spray, or add a drop or two of cologne or a few drops of liquid soap. Then flush again. The room will smell better. You might then spray the air. Hands are to be washed each time after finishing in the bathroom. Turn on the faucet at least once while in the bathroom. Wet the soap, if only to make someone believe that before leaving you really did wash your hands and that you do deserve to eat off of china plates. It is easier just to really do it.
1. Wash your hands with cold water and soap. (It releases the grease and the soap.)

2. Turn off the water. You can wipe out the sink using toweling or toilet tissue: watch the shine! Place trash in a receptacle, and leave the bathroom ready to receive the next person. Bless you.

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