Saturday, October 6, 2018

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An after-dinner drink can be offered at the table or in a library. It is called a digestif: a digestion starter. An after-dinner drink can be
1. Brandy, provided in a snifter filled ¼ full.
2. It is to be held with the steam of it rested between the middle and ring fingers of the right hand. The bowl is rested on the palm. It may be provided in a cordial glass. It is to be held by the stem.
Other choices for a digestif are Amari, Bitters, Grappa, Herbal liqueur, Limoncello, Madeira, Ouzo, Port, Sherry, Tequila, and Whiskey.
The after-dinner drink is to be savored and enjoyed. The number of after dinner drinks you should have is one in a one-hour period. I would really like to say have none, but who would listen. When more than one after dinner drink is to be consumed there is to be a designated driver or the after-dinner entertainment is to be provided in the same location.
No matter how long the road to station seven it leads to or back to station eight, and to you saying, “Thank you.”

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