Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Went to a buffet dinner the other night, some things were just not right:
1. Not a napkin was seen on a lap in sight.
2. A hand with a gorgeous ring on to which did a napkin cling.
3. A space for a plate, and not one established place setting for one: a cover.
4. A lesson in chewing with the mouth closed while decimating a place setting.
5. Food from a plate -- gone in a flash – makes you want to say, get some more, --“Dare you to taste that.”
6. A second course retrieved using a first-course plate.
7. A bone plate was given or made from a napkin. What was the thinking?
8. I have witnessed a food benediction. “Thanks (again,) for the food Amen,” said before leaving the table.
I left before I could list another.

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