Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
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When there is a request to, “Pass the salt,” both the salt and pepper holders are to be provided. All passing is to be to the right. Each is to be set as a pair in front of each person in turn until reaching the requester. Reaching at table may now be preferred to asking someone to pass things one can take up.
Salt and pepper may be provided by using a salt cellar and a pepper pot. Open salts can be taken with a salt spoon, a clean knife, or with the fingers. Salt could be provided using individual holders or common holders.
1. Taste each food item before adding salt or pepper except for a baked potato, salad, celery, radishes, a boiled egg, or corn on the cob. Salt that is to be needed for dipping can be placed on the side of the place plate. Salt is to be used sparingly, especially when the cook/host or hostess is sitting at the table.
2. (Cayenne pepper may be the new salt.) It can add a kick to food and may be helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Pepper could be added to foods as you wish. It might have a hidden benefit of being helpful in digestion.

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