Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Napkin is Not to End On a Plate Business Dining Etiquette University Etiquette

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A napkin is to be used to signal when eating is to begin. It is to be picked up at the lead of the hostess or senior person at the table. This is the indicator that others at table are to do so. Even at a dinner for two.
1. When seated at a table, a napkin is to be picked up and placed or replaced under the table onto your lap fold side towards you, prior to eating or drinking anything. It can be placed on your lap quartered for breakfast and for Continental or fast food, or in a three quarter fold the long way for dinner.
2. One corner of the napkin is to be used to correct conditions at table disturbed by the act of eating. Gently rub the tips of your fingers against the corner of one to remove foodstuffs collected during the course of eating. This corner could be folded under before using it again.
3.  One corner of the napkin can be used to blot (touch) the mouth gently prior to taking a sip (pour) of any beverage. The courtesy of napkin use is asked: to keep your grease off the glass, and to give your food time to pass.
4. A napkin is to remain on your lap as long as you continue to eat or to drink at a table. When standing or leaving a table temporarily, your napkin is to be placed on your chair. Some like to place it atop a book.
5. At the end of a meal, at the lead of the hostess or the senior person, the napkin is to be placed in a mock fold to the left (leaving side) of your place setting. The rule: a napkin is not supposed to end on a plate. A napkin is to look within reason as it did at the beginning even when it is made of paper. The person closest to doing this wins this napkin game, and may graduate to getting and using a fabric one. Either way, you are only to get one napkin. The secret is to use only one corner. 

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