Sunday, October 7, 2018

Gravy and Sauces Professional and Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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A gravy or sauce is to be served using a gravy boat and stand and a ladle. Each is to be ladled

1. Over the meat or poultry item it is intended to accompany.

2. Extra gravy or sauce can be ladled onto meat so that a fork tipped with rice or a starch dish can be dipped into gravy that has “escaped” from it.

3. The ladle is to be placed back in the vessel that it was taken from, bowl up, and handle facing to the left.

4. Should it fall into the sauce, a ladle is to be fished out with a clean implement wiped off with a napkin and placed back in the dish by the person who let it fall into the boat.

Liquid sauces (Worchester, etc.) are meant to be poured.

Catsup is a sauce and can be incorporated onto the item it is intended to accompany before the item is taken to the mouth. This condiment is to be used only at very informal meals. I remain silent as to how to serve it. Horseradish, mint jelly, cranberry sauce, currant jelly, or apple butter is to be spooned onto the side of a dinner plate from a dish; jars serve their best use off the table.

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