Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rules for a Toast and Using a Finger Bowl Professional College & University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette Etiquette

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A host or hostess may plan for and prepare a toast to the health, wealth, or well being of the event or honoree. In a private home, the toast is to be proposed by a host near the end of the dessert course. A guest can propose a toast during this course if approved/justified and if one has been omitted by a host. At an official dinner, a toast is to be proposed by a member of a Dais. The first toast is to be made
1. To someone who is present at the event only in spirit.
2. The second toast can be proposed to the senior person or to the guest of honor: an honoring toast. The toast to other individuals may follow as coordinated and approved of by the host and the hostess.
3. When clicking glasses, to honor someone, the junior person is to click a glass rim lower than that of a senior person.
4. The response to a toast is to be, "To the (whoever)" or "Here, here." Then a drink is taken of the beverage provided.
5. A person is to abstain for toasting with water. The person being honored is to abstain from drinking to him or herself. A guest of honor may stand and offer a reciprocal toast.

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