Saturday, October 6, 2018

Eating Salad with the Third Fork Professional College & University Etiquette Business Dining etiquette

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Salad served with large leaves, with cheese, or in a rocklike quarter-head is to be eaten by using a knife and fork. Salad may be cut using the side of the fork. Each leaf can be picked up, or rolled back and impaled, on the tines of the fork and taken to the mouth. If the salad can be cut with the edge of the salad fork alone, the clean salad knife can remain on the table.
Each tomato can be pierced with the end tine of a fork.
 Informally salad can be served with the main course. It could be a non-green salad usually served without crackers or cheese.
Informally, the salad might be served as a first course placed center the place setting, or atop a show plate. A bowl for salad has been seen set directly onto a table. When it is to be served as a first course, cheese is to be omitted. Still ordering a salad before meat, take another dining class before you eat. Practice,” Salad after meat;” this is the order, even at the White House. This course can be skipped at a business dinner or on a date, in favor of a dessert. Between the salad and dessert course, visit station six, the line to the bathroom.


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