Saturday, October 6, 2018

Station Seven – The Line to Go - Things to Take a Way Professional College and University Etiquette Business Dining Etiquette

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The event host or hostess is to be able to decide how take a-ways are to be handled. In a private home, the hostess may say

1. "Please take some of this with you." The serving dish containing the leftover is to be returned to the area in which it was prepared. Each person is to be given a filled plate that he or she may keep forever.
2. In a commercial dining room, the host or hostess can request that each person be allowed to take an unfinished portion of a meal home. This action may be requested quietly and discreetly. It could be accomplished in the same fashion. The "Go" plate or container is to be filled in the area in which the dish was prepared and placed to the left of the person who requested it. It can be set aside so that it may be picked up on the line to good-bye.
The go plate or container could be brought into the dining room and filled in the Russian service style: with the fork and spoon in one hand. It might be filled Family style: with each person being asked to fill his or her own go plate. Both of these methods are observations more than recommendations.
3. A “To go” bag is to go with a requested “to go” container: it is a nice touch: a paper bag is a neat option.
In business dining and at a banquet, the line to the leftovers is usually omitted. Food is to be eaten or not in place. In business, avoid asking for or accepting invitations to take food home.
4. The take-way can be a party favor, a memento to take home: a menu card (have it signed,) a photograph, and a small present or newly acquired information: sales pitch – training – contacts.

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