Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dining Etiquette Table Manners - Thought Pondered While You Were Eating

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Educated eating is not to take a beating at a university:9 units in life skills is to accompany each degree: (teach) the civil side of business administration.

Thoughts pondered while you were drinking from your Sippy cup - what is in it and (under a roof) why are you using one.

I was impressed with your intellect.  I am still getting over watching you (feeding) eating.

Crumpled napkin on the table, cigarette behind the ear, teeth marks everywhere, and with that sophistication, an I Phone.  Who would have known?

Biting what is being eaten from a bag is how Beauty does her feeding. She, of course, is a horse.

When is a bag not a plate, when you can ask for one.  When sitting, a wrapper can be used as a plate, a better fate and sight than as a sleeve for a sandwich.

A napkin on the table nice, placed on the knee for eating or drinking at table, better.

What we are teaching chemistry, not male care, engineering not eating, and all too clear, why signs appear, "Your mother does not work here."

If it is for my sake you made your bag a garbage plate?  You should not have, really... even for me.

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