Monday, June 19, 2017

Station Three The Line to the Bar Something to Drink University Etiquette Business Dining 101

Normally station three, the line to the bar, leads to an area set in the corner of a room. It can be an area for secondary introductions.  At the bar, a host will most likely call on someone to prepare a pre-dinner drink for you. At a no-host event, you will order and get a pre-dinner drink for yourself after you have said, "Hello" and "How are you" to people near you.

Something to Drink
Someone will say, “What can I get you?”  It is the same as “What drink can you order,” that you can call by name?

A pre-dinner drink is called an aperitif: used to stimulate an appetite. It could be made available at a bar or at the table. Common choices are Campari, Champagne, Dubonnet, Lillet, Tequila, and Vermouth.

During mock-tail hour. You may have
Water Always (Sparkling-mineral) or (Tap – flat) w/ lime/lemon/juice or a twist (in a rock glass)
Soda w a twist   (Club soda with a lime in a rock glass)      
Soft Drink Sometimes (Roy Rogers in a rock glass)
Fruit-juice (Cranberry with a twist (in a rock glass)
Alcohol Never  (Except for the 1 when you ought)
Shots (Rarely ever) (Never)
You might have a mock-alcohol drink: a “Virgin (something).” It is easier to say than “Non-alcoholic” or “Zero proof.”

During cocktail hour when a drink ought to be alcoholic, get a   Gin and Tonic (or Gin and Soda) with a twist. Be aware of the sugar in the tonic water. You may get a Martini with an olive or twist, Gin: Tanqueray Ten, or Vodka: Belvedere, or stay the course, and get yourself a soda and a lime twist (in a rock glass.)

Pre-Dinner Glass Rules

1.     A pre-dinner drink glass is to be given in a glass with a cocktail napkin. OK then, ask for, or go get one. In formal tray service, the glass (with or without a napkin) is considered given when the tray is offered.

2.     In a commercial dining room, at a bar, the drink glass and napkin are considered given when set center the space in front of the person who ordered it. At a table it is set or a napkin or coaster to the right of the last glass. Both items can be served by being given directly to you or directly to the person who requested it. In formal service, this practice is to be avoided.

3.     At a business social party, know what to do with that cocktail napkin. When standing away from bar, the cocktail napkin is to be picked up and placed on your left hand between the index and middle finger. It can be held between the middle and ring fingers. It may be placed on top of a bar or on a table. It is to be used and treated as both a napkin and a coaster. A napkin has been seen used as a sleeve wrapped around a glass. – Avoid doing this. Away from a bar, a napkin is to be in your hand before your stand and drink anything: The napkin is to be held under the glass without touching it. When at a bar, when a drink is finished it is reset on cocktail napkin is indicate that both can be taken away.

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