Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eti - Q Test 20-27 Casual and Fine Dining Etiquette University Etiquette Business Dining Thing to Learn and Do

20. Notes to Self: wait before eating.  Sit up straight. ________________)     Sit with a straight back; we use to do that. Sit one fist away from the table.  If anything drops it will fall on your napkin. (Avoid duck and chuck):  _____________) leaning in slightly each time you take a bit of food Bring food to you.)
21. Know price points for restaurant menus. If you are a guest at a meal, you can ask your host what he/she recommends. This can help you determine the price range and guidelines on what to order.  The person who issues the invitation will pay for the meal. (But to remind, at some point there is reciprocity in kind.)
22.   Polished Table Manners -Eat in an Accepted Style: Eat in the American Style in cultures where people avoid eating with the left hand. Eat in the Continental style, where culturally appropriate. Sit up straight. Keep your hands above the table. You can rest the heels of your hands on the edge of the table. Take small amounts of food.  Cut items in only one direction, one or two pieces at a time. Yes, you may eat only one thing at a time.   Sit up straight. Take small amounts of food Avoid eating too little, too much, or too fast, or acting as if the meal is to be your last. When at a loss as to how to eat a particular dish, watch the person who made or ordered it. You can ask, "How am I to eat this?" The lesson most likely will begin with a smile. Time the opening of your mouth to just coincide with the arrival of an implement to it. Close your mouth around the edge of any implement placed in it. Chew each portion twenty-four times, with your mouth closed, and saver each bite. Time ingestion: taste buds live and digestion begins in the mouth not the stomach – yes that’s right. At the seventeenth bite, experience food taste explosions. When you can no longer hear your teeth chewing food then that’s the time to swallow and to take another bite. Avoid chewing with ______________. "It is disturbing and annoying.”    Make as little noise as possible. Take a hand rest often.
23. Know the Continental rest position for flatware. Pace yourself.  You can rest your elbows on the table - in between courses. (Continental style, you can talk with a knife and fork in your hands. Keep them low.) Place your implements in __________________ for the style in which you are eating, anytime you want.
24. Station five the Line to the Food Standard USA Meal Order of Service  Appetizer Soup Fruit Juice or Melon, Fish,Intermezzo, Main Course, Salad, Dessert. A bowl of soup is to rest on an underlying plate.
25. Know how to interact with dining staff.  Continental Service – Silent Service  American Service – punctuated with “thanks you (s)” Flatware position resting. Finger up – please see me. Flat hand down: requesting a pass in service. Finger point: request a refill.  Flatware position: finished. Two-finger writing – check please.  (optional) money clip: dollars for tips.  Bills for tips are to be crisp.  Tipping 15 -20% of the bill minus tax or twice tax. The art of palming is to be mastered.
Station 5.  The Line to the Food Filling a plate: take small amounts of food. (Practice eating in courses over eating in piles.)  Try a little of everything unless restricted by religion, health, or culture. 
26.  Main Course –Roti Bone in Chicken Manners: practice chicken with a fork and knife. When cutting meat, slice or fillet it __________, and cut across _______, 
The chicken piece is to be impaled with the fork held in the left hand and cut: pressed from the tip of the knife in the right, and then a small piece can be flicked up and gently away from any bone. More delicately now, the meat is to be sliced or filleted with the grain and cut across it into manageable portions one or two pieces at a time. Then the fork is used to lift each portion to the mouth.Avoid seconds in any place, or in any home, not your own.
27. Eat salad with the third fork.  Know what an after dinner salad is to contain_____,________,_______                  

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