Thursday, July 20, 2017

Handling Your Glass University Etiquette Business Dining 101

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin

When standing, hold and rest a glass by the base or the stem on the left palm, held by the thumb base and the ring and pinky fingers.  When not drinking, keep your right hand warm, dry, and free. The first feel of your right hand is not to be a cold one.  When a sip is desired, lift the glass by the base or the stem with three fingers: thumb, and index and middle fingers, with the right hand.   It can be lifted by the bowl, when it contains brandy, just because. The drinking of a beverage is to be done with the right hand, not your full hand, understand.   While taking a drink from a glass, the elbow is to be down by your side and moved forward, and from wrist to hand moved upward, and a pour of the beverage is to be taken into the mouth from the edge of the glass.  Do this silently.  Avoid top holding a glass.  Avoid the crane; drink without poking someone in the eye.   The cocktail straw provided with a drink is called a stirrer. It is to be used as such: only for stirring.  It is to be used, and then it is to be discarded. It can be removed and held under the glass.  It could be placed on a napkin on a bar. It is hard to “Mac” (look cool) sipping a drink from a stirrer. Above a certain level, you will the only person in the room doing this.

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