Sunday, June 18, 2017

Station Three The Line to the Bar Handling Your Glass University Etiquette Business Dining 101

Handling your glass: learn to hold and rest a glass by the base or the stem on the left palm, held by the thumb base and the ring and pinky fingers.  When not drinking, keep your right hand warm, dry, and free. The first feel of your right hand is not to be a cold one. 

When a sip is desired, lift the glass by the base or the stem by the right   hand thumb, and index and middle fingers. It can be lifted by the bowl, when it contains red wine, just because. The drinking of a beverage is to be done with the right hand, not your full hand, understand.   While taking a drink from a glass, the elbow is to be moved forward, and from wrist to hand moved upward, and a sip (_______) of the beverage is to be taken into the mouth from the edge of the glass. ________from your wrist.  Do this silently. 

Avoid top holding a glass.  Avoid the crane; drink without poking someone in the eye; keep your elbows and arms down close to your sides.   

The cocktail straw provided with a drink is called a stirrer. It is to be used as such: only for stirring.  It is to be used, and then it is to be discarded. It can be removed and held under the glass.  It is hard to “Mac” (look cool) sipping a drink from a stirrer.

Avoid drinking from a straw under a roof, out of a glass, or from a beverage not contained in a container. While drinking, you can avoid slurping or guzzling by closing your upper lip between any liquid and the edge of any glass, and then pouring the liquid into your mouth. You may avoid chewing a beverage by simply swallowing small amounts of it. Leave a little of each beverage in each glass.

Avoid CSI drinking. There is no need to five finger mug or a glass.  If you go missing they should not get all of your finger prints from one glass. Learn three-finger drinking by glass base or stem. Under a roof, avoid swigging from a bottle next to someone drinking from a glass. Avoid drinking from a straw under a roof, out of a glass, or from a beverage not contained in a container. 

When a pre-dinner drink is rested it can be carried on the palm of the left hand. The right hand is to be kept warm, free, and dry as much as possible, practice.

When a drink is finished, it is to be placed back on a bar, or on a tray set up to receive it. At a table, the cocktail napkin and the glass are to be taken away from the place setting position in which it was set.         

The number of pre-dinner drinks to have is two; one drink helps make for good conversation with you. More than two drinks makes for great conversation for someone else about you. All pre-dinner drinks can be “Virgin:” Have one.

Appear to be drinking less than the host, hostess, or person who is picking up the tap. At an evening event, make any drink Virgin (especially after your first.)

“Never get drunk before your boss does. Never get drunk before your co-worker does. Never let other employees hear your singing voice. Apply the rule of one glass of soda and a twist for every drink. No touching.”  No drinking on the way to station four: the line to the table.

And wash your hands before you come to or stay at a table. Now, curl your fingers towards you, look at your nails. If you are going to drink with someone, do your nails or have them done. 

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