Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dare to Live - Suicide Prevention Day Sunday Sep 10 2017 Male Care Matters

Dare to Live  Surviving the Parent Company - Getting a Desired Change by Harold Almon baesoe.com
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Always dare to live. Suicide cannot be justified. It is your job to live. Vote, revolt, evolve, and even do jail time. See the world for what it could be, and join with others to do something about it. People will tell you that you cannot win, until you do. People have said the same thing to each person who has won any goal, or evolution (something won sure and slow.) Dare to live, and to strive.

For every life taken away there is one less person to vote, one less person to help in the evolution, one less person who could learn something in a penitentiary, and one less person to help mankind. With each suicide, there is one less person, which the world was promised, who would do something about the state the world is in.

For every suicide, someone misses an opportunity to say, "Yes I Can." Each keeps a person from learning from an experience. It keeps the Almighty and someone else from hearing you say, "Here is my better work," or simply, "I'm sorry." Each keeps one other person from saying, "Well done," or "I know you are sorry," and "You're forgiven." These are things you can win.

People will tell you that you cannot break even. Say, "Yes I Can." Ask for peace, but with power. Take power, but only with responsibility. Ensure your freedom, and see that no one else is more free.

Freedom must be demanded in living, as birth is demanded by life. Each must exist. Each must be waited for. Each may have to be taken. Each will come. When you do break even, people will congratulate you.

In daring to live, your life touches another life. You touch people in rows and in generations. When a life is voluntarily extinguished, all the people, who were to have been touched by it, are denied. Once there is a suicide, all the people who were to have been born are murdered. It is for the people in the rows that need to be touched, and in the generations that wait to be born, you should dare to live.

People will tell you that you cannot even quit the game. All too soon you will learn, "I Can." Learn that suicide is not an option. To quit a game, just say, "I need a break." Do this when you are hurt or remotely tired. Always elect to play again. The only way the world can get any better is by each man or woman living in it. Know this. Dare to live.

When your body has had enough, you will be allowed a recess, or to go crazy, if only for a while. Short of that, you will be allowed to take refuge, to rest, to leave, and to go on vacation. You will learn how to survive in your environment. Your body will teach you how to enjoy life. In spite of diversity, dare to live.

Others had a job to do, to prepare a place for you. Others dared to live so that you might; others dared to wait, to be proud of you. They were there to pick you up when you fell, to look where you landed each time you jumped, and to be ready to take you back, until you were really ready to leave. The act of suicide can not be understood. You are not to say to the Almighty or to each person who lived for the good each tried to do for you, "No, thank you." Spend your life daring to live. And with yourself, dare to be gentle.

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