Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Eti - Q Test 4 Professional & Graduate University Etiquette Business Dining 101

Outclass the Competition
by Harold Almon  baesoe.com
Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin                                                

Suggest after meal entertainment: order in store, suggests a coffee spot, shopping,  dining at another location, dancing, an cultural exhibition, or when to go home.
26.  Before permanently leaving a table, place flatware in the finished position for the style in which you are eating. Leave each course plate _____________________ until it is removed by a waitperson or replaced by the next plate. Look for food to be removed from the  retrieving side. Avoid helping: unless asked, even when you use to wait tables. At a dinner is not the place to display this trait.   
Place your napkin in a mock fold to the (leaving) side of your place setting, (again napkin on the side.)   A napkin is to be crisp at the end. Avoid putting any napkin on your used plate or in any glass. Avoid stacking plates or making “trash”  plates.  Get up and push in your chair until it is six inches away from the edge of the table. Take a picture of your plate. Just kidding, I will do that for you.
Remember things to take-away:  Name  Badge,  Name Place Cards,  Singed Menu Cards,  Pens,  Party Favors,  Program, Pictures,  Engraved gift,  Contacts, and personal effects.  (No doggie bags.) Some places will let you order a new order to go.
Station 8
27.  Say Thank You, then,_________________________. Get a Fountain pen Correspondence cards, Envelops & Stamps. Place your return address on the back.
Remember reciprocity, where required is to be in-kind. Read and research as much as possible about the culture in which you will be the host.
Watch each act of eating with an open mind, eye, and heart. Practice diligently. While eating in company, there are things to learn and do. – University Business Dinner Etiquette Tonight This is the short course  For  more answers read the blog, the book, or bring this test to class. N/A items are really other things to do.
I know you want - Manners in a minute – done – but just some. Math takes months, but Manners to Etiquette takes practice that’s the rest of life’s test.
-Fast Food Etiquette it is the same except for who is responsible for _________________________ 

Professional & University Dining Eti - Q Test Things to Learn and Do     Manners to Etiquette Outclass the Competition Etiquette for Professionals and Graduate Students. Why the test? Why:  to combat lack of information, orientation, education, sophistication, dummy down marketing, cultural exclusion, and to link manners to etiquette and outclass the competition

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