Thursday, July 20, 2017

Station Four – The Line to the Table – Professional College & University Etiquette Business Dining 101

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Harold Almon Etiquette Coach
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Etiquette GuideThe line to the bar may be omitted in favor of one leading directly to the line to the table. (This way please.)
The line to the table is used to pair people with their dinner partners. Just before dinner this line is to be formed, you can begin or join a line to the bathroom. This can allow you to enforce the rule: "Go wash your hands and get ready to come to the table."
1. When you are hungry and know the necessity of passing the clean nail test, you may wash your nails with soap and cold water. Wet your hands. Turn the water off. Wash your hands by agitating one against the other. Rinse them. Clean under each fingernail from the tip to the under skin. You can use a fingernail of one hand to clean behind the fingernails on the other. You may use a file in a finger-nail clipper, or one tip of a pair of tweezers. At home, this could be done using a nailbrush. Check the reflection of your nails in the mirror. Make corrections to your nails and put some lotion on your hands where you can. Your nails will look that much better at the table.
2. Before you go, check your face: nose, teeth, and mouth. Allow yourself time to get settled. Then assemble in the room used to form the line to the table. You can wait to do this until after you have read and returned that reusable menu.
Find your dinner partner, and say to this person, "Would you like to go in to dinner?" or "May I take you in to dinner?”
Guests are to stand behind the chair of the seat to which each has been assigned, unless otherwise directed. Introductions can be accomplished to people to the left or right who are unknown to you. Guests can be asked to charge a glass for a welcoming toast.
At a social function, a man can assist a woman to his right in being seated. At an official function and or in business this action may be omitted. Avoid moving a place card and changing a seating assignment. Once seated, you can place your place card above your place setting.
Each item taken into the dining room is to be placed somewhere other than on the table unless it is to be part of the meal. A coat is to be draped and folded over the back of the chair of the woman who wore it. A handbag can be placed under the napkin of the person to whom it belongs. A hat is to be (worn by a woman or) placed on the floor.
At a business dinner, a brief case, backpack, or a book can be placed in a chair or on the floor. An item of technology may be kept in a pocket or on a spare chair.

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